Sunday, April 30, 2006

"Hi! I'm shit!"

Janitor Man hated his job, hated his life, hated himself - pretty much hated everything. And he definitely hated meeting new people. The new receptionist was working late and he had already altered his routine once to avoid her. But now he was trapped, only her trash remained.

Steeling himself, he approached the unmet enemy. Maybe he could just get away with a swapping of Hi's. God, I hate being civil, he thought. I hope there's no friggin' eye contact. Was an exchange of silence too much to hope for? Her perkiness did not bode well. Sure enough, she got off the first shot.

"Hi! I'm shit!"

Stunned - and uncomfortable - Janitor Man staggered back out a "Hi". She sensed his reluctance to speak.

"It's OK. You don't have to treat me like other people. I'm shit!"

For God's sake stop saying that! Jesus! Shit! Unnerved, Janitor Man struggled to keep his hand from shaking. At all costs, she must not see his consternation - the implications were disastrous. He would attempt a graceful exit.

"OK. Nice to meet you. Bye"

"You don't want to talk to me because I'm a girl."

I don't want to talk to you because you're a goddam freak! "Nah, it's just that I got so much work to do."

"Girls are shit. I see it in all the movies."

"Well, you can't believe everything you see." Maybe I can help this chick. Not really my place, though.

"Oh, it's true! And it's very exciting! My husband puts me in my place. I'm a dumb ol' girl! He sure knows how to humiliate me!"

"Must be true love," seethed the Janitor Man.

"Oh, yes. Just this last weekend we went paddle boating together. It was so romantic. Then we came home and he fucked me in the ass while I barked!"

"A marriage to be proud of."

"Marriage is holy. I truly believe that with all my heart. And I have been saved by Jesus. I'm lucky. My Daddy teaches religion and I love my Bible so. There's nothing more important to me than being a good person."

Janitor Man hated her. "Well, it's all so perfect. Perfect marriage, perfect life, perfect person."

"Oh, no," she demured, "I'm not perfect at all. There's always been this problem. I sell myself short; I don't give myself enough credit."

Suddenly, she was vulnerable. For the first time Janitor Man noticed an inner beauty within her, a dear person. "What if I said to you..." Her downcast eyes rose to look up into his. "What if I said you are a beautiful, sensitive and intelligent person. That's there's something unique and special about you."

"I'm NOT intelligent!" Her eyes shot back down.

Instinctively, Janitor Man stepped back, his heart pounding by the perceived rebuke. Had he done wrong? He defended his position to the last. "I see a dream in you. A dream not fulfilled."

"I am living my dream. Don't tell me what my life is. My husband wants me to be shit. My parents expect me to be shit. And the world likes me to be shit. If you think I'm going to give all that up just so I can say I'm not shit - you're out of your mind!"

Janitor Man hid his shaking hand. Why did she rattle him so?? She was the one acting insane and yet he felt stripped of all dignity. Meekly, he launched his last salvo before swearing never to talk to her again. (But he did and found his soul mate)

"Huh, so this is what it's like to be saved."

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dream On

In the beginning of Kurosawa's "Rashomon", a man sits at ruined temple gates bemoaning a witnessed evil. "I, for one, have seen hundreds of men dying like animals, but even I've never before heard anything as terrible as this. Horrible, it's horrible! There's never been anything, anything as terrible as this, never! It's worse than fires, wars, epidemics, or bandits!"

What was he describing? Kurosawa called it the "human ego", the inability to be honest with ourselves. We have to believe we are good. Anything that threatens that must be destroyed. That's how Jesus was killed. Truth as the enemy. Perverts perpetrating perfidy. Calling it holy to betray oneself. Problem is, it isn't just that the truth will set us free, it's that only the truth can set us free. Can't pray/hope/wish or buy our way out otherwise.

Am I trying to enlighten anyone here? No. Everyone already knows the truth. It's not they we don't know, it's that we don't care to see. Everyone's so on about how we must get the truth out so we can save the day. But check out this quote from 60 Minutes last Sunday by the former CIA head of European operations. He had direct evidence of our administration ignoring information that Saddam was not a threat. "The American people want to believe the president. I have relatives who I've tried to talk to about this who say, 'Well, no, you can’t tell me the president had this information and just ignored it.'" Funny, huh? You can tell them and they still won't know.

This morning on the radio, local rednecks were mocking the idea of global warming. "Every time something bad happens like a hurricane, we've just got to blame somebody. That's what this is all about." By golly, I can get in my car, drive to the store, pick up cold beer(!) and drink it right there in front of my TV. Ain't nothing wrong with this world! Anyone who sez diff'rent is just a troublemaker!

Wow, what a cold, empty outlook that is.

Things will get worse as facts become more irrefutable. The need to divert blame will grow stronger among the unrighteous. Fears of the futureless path will invade our souls, driving us to further terror. So what do I say to those who have chosen both poorly and holy?

Dream on.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Prisoner Released

I saw a man jump off a cliff,
A thousand foot, no more;
Falling to a jagged death
A gruesome fate in store.

We had wandered through sad lands
With stone so cold and barren;
Another quest for happiness
In reality a fool's errand.

My stupid friend cajoling me,
"Seek and ye shall find!";
What possessed me to listen
To what that bakana opined?

I watched, as a drowning man,
Sinking in the mud;
I've gone as far as I can go
Now it's time for blood.

But shocking was the jumping man,
Jumping from on high;
For though he fell a thousand feet
He bothered not to die.

For when the ground came rushing near
He turned to see the sky;
His smile as a Cheshire's
As he began to fly.

I yelled with unbelieving eyes,
"Morty, you're a moron. You know you should have died!"
He replied so sarcastic,
"Thank you for the info! Your faith you cannot hide!"

Morty was a shooting star
Slicing through the clouds;
Leaving me to ponder
How my death be not proud.

Morty jumped the chasm
To face a land unknown;
Never would I follow
And lose all I have known.

Finally there comes a point
Where everything is lost;
And though my life I'm wanting
I just cannot bear the cost.

Such was on my feckless mind
As I watched my friend soaring;
Reflecting on a wasted life
Basically spent whoring.

Then Morty shot out of the sky
Into the space above;
Something he was yelling,
I think it's, "Life is love!"

Fearlessly, he trekked the stars,
The universe his home;
Gleefully, two angels came,
So rarely to be shown.

With every burst of energy
Holy colors streamed;
A hidden wonderland
That every eye should see.

An ancient star was calling,
A place of dreams to share;
Feeling as a prophet
Morty's soul was bare.

Angelic hands guided him
To the source of all men's dreams;
Do you know this place? they asked,
Where all is at it seems?

Morty was rejoicing,
"I know exactly where I am!"
"This is the place where
"The lion sleeps with the lamb."

And though he felt eternal praise
And saw God in every leaf;
Morty then remembered me -
Lost in mud and grief.

So the shooting star returned,
Touching till the end;
The warm and graceful hands
Of his angelic friends.

"You're a sorry fucker!" I said,
Descending into my fright;
"You're never fucking happy
"Until you prove you're right!"

But this only made him smile,
"Of course you shouldn't leap!
"You really should stay over there
"And stay feeling like a creep!"

I really wanted to strangle him,
I really wanted to shout;
But gone from me were reasons
To remain a prisoner of doubt.

So I too leapt the chasm,
Into the land unknown.
No longer am I master
But I just might find a home.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Life Not Lived

In a weird but of irony the other day, I got hit up for money by a homeless con at a hotel I was walking out of. If only he knew! Truth is, I spotted him on the way in. There was some student at the front desk carrying on about how she had the wrong card key and he was standing in the background. He had on a polo shirt and looked very sharp and well groomed. I thought "coach" for some reason, figuring the girl was part of a team staying at the hotel. As an authority figure, I made a note to avoid him.

After doing my business in the bathroom, he was still lurking in the lobby. The key thing in these hotels is to not draw attention to yourself, so I was exiting stage left post haste. But this guy makes a bee-line for me, catching me right before I get to the sensor operated doors. Strangely, I didn't feel threatened by his approach. Curious is a better word. What could this guy possibly have to say to me?? "Hey, could you help me out? I just got off work and need some gas money to get home." Wow, my cover must work better than I thought!

Fact is, we had both fooled each other. Kudos to his appearance. Now it was a simple case of con vs. con. His line was so unoriginal, though, he was easy to swat away. I told him I couldn't help him and right away he starts in with "Right, whatever" - like he can use yuppie guilt on me! So to really stick it to him I told him he should "try the front desk. Maybe they can help." That stopped him cold. It was then I noticed a thermos and a couple of other small accoutrements sitting in the corner. As I departed I spied him picking them up before making his hasty retreat.

I'm not someone who asks for money. I hate you assholes too much to think I'd ever be indebted to you. But to those that do, more power to ya. But this little bizarre encounter did jar me. I started having flashes of another me, one who is comfortable in his skin. One who doesn't apologize because he's smarter. One who lives in a world many cannot understand. It was a unique insight to see a me not a war with myself. I wonder how I get to that place, it seems so far away.

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Mind Fuck

"And in the naked light I saw
"Ten thousand people maybe more
"People talking without speaking
"People hearing without listening
"People writing songs that voices never shared
"No one dared
"Disturb the sound of silence"

Simon and Garfunkel, "Sounds of Silence"

     "Sheesh!" she sneered as Albert walked by. "What's wrong with him?"
     "Oh, him," soothed her friend, "He's like some sort of emotional retard or something. Doesn't interact with anyone." Silently, they watched him continue on his way.
     Albert was an enigma. On one hand was his good paying job, a luxury condo and his oft-professed interests in poetry and the imagination. On the other hand, he spoke mysteriously of "bad decisions" and a vague unhappiness others did not fathom; a job to him which was only labor. And each day he died.
     It was useless trying to explain. His family was comfortably blind. "Oh, he's fine. He has a nice car." A co-worker was incredulous. "You're unhappy? Well, you're doing good work." Albert even tried mightily with a therapist. "But at least you can hold a job," she asserted. "That's a good thing." "A job! Jobs are the bane of my existence."
     To Albert, all things were meaningless. He couldn't explain who he should be because he did not know. He just knew he wasn't this. Why the good Lord had cursed him with such an impossible quandray he could not understand. Had his mistakes cost him his identity? No way of knowing.
     The miasma of confusion eventually overtook him. The more he tried to explain himself, the more lost he became. He spoke less and less, coming to believe he was a nobody after all. He had just wanted to believe he was somebody, that he was special. After all, truly great people don't run away from life as he had.
     In the end, he was driven by the idea of "coming clean". People had to know the truth about him. But he was a man trapped between who he thought he was and who he was. In one final stab to cut through the fog, he devised his own gravestone epitaph:

"Here lies Albert Einstien
He was nobody."

Sunday, April 16, 2006

8 Simple Rules to be a Terrorist

  1. Hate yourself. All terrorism starts from here: self-hatred. That is your power. It's what gives you an edge over weak, stupid people who value life and want to live. You must somehow believe the power of death is greater than the power of life. You've got to be able to answer "yes" to this question: "Is my life worthless?"
  2. Lie to yourself. In order to give a meaningless act meaning, you must be able to lie to yourself. You know, "This will make God love me" or some such garbage.
  3. Have a good story. Your explanation cannot be "I hate myself and my life has no meaning". You have to say you're doing it for the cause of (fill in the blank). "I am really outraged by..."
  4. Get 60 Minutes to interview you. Or at least find some schmuck willing to buy what you have to sell. Really muddies the water as to your motivations and gives an air of legitimacy to your alleged cause.
  5. Blame others. See, if only these other people would change, then you wouldn't be forced to commit such acts, dang it. This is your bit to right the wrongs of the world!
  6. You too have been hurt. Somehow, you have to find a claim where you can say "your" innocent people were killed. Makes your "anger" so much more understandable.
  7. Don't laugh. If anyone suspects you're making all this up, all is lost! Rehearse your story over and over, working in all sorts of pseudo-logic and reasoned language.
  8. Know the alternative. You're a loser. Why else would you be in this racket? So do you really want to go to all the trouble of fixing your life?? Is it even possible? Give up on you, give up on life, give up on the world - it's either that or grow up.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Blessings of Plastic Moses

"God wants you to have money...making money makes you good...loving money is is good...if you have made money you have made one is good without money.

"The world is have been given dominion over with it as you please...if it were wrong to take the riches you not be allowed to do it...all things are here to serve you.

"Keep things is your right and your duty...might does make are the good guys...whatever is done to keep things good is always can trust me, I am the mouthpiece of God."

                Part of a continuing series on the wisdom of Plastic Moses

Monday, April 10, 2006

"I is your god"

HELL (AP) After finally being caught in one lie too many, the current President has finally decided to end all charades. Wearing an "I heart Satan" shirt, he declared an unashamed and unabashed loyalty to his Dark Master. "I told you my orders came from a higher power!" he scathed upon his critics. "Have I not put the world at war? Have I not done my master's bidding?" Ignoring the loud din of protests, the President smirked triumphantly.

Calling out to the Vice Ogre to bring his pitchfork, he lectured his hapless audience. "Even now I bet I get a 25% approval rating!" he chortled. "My minions can't help but follow me! Maybe now you will believe in the power of my religion. It's lies...all beautiful lies. What my criticals fail to understand is that it's OK to lie. I is your god."

Then, pitchfork in hand, the President viciously attacked his least favorite reporters, screaming out, "Justice from god! Justice from god!" Excluding North Korea, world leaders were unanimous in denouncing the revelation. "Good god!" huffed the British Minister, "With a revelation like that, people will start thinking we're all assholes." Later, the President's talking Lap Dog explained it all. The pitchfork attack was obviously part of a new policy designed to enhance media relations. When asked how the President expected to maintain power, the Lap Dog quoted his master directly: "You can't questions me unless you questions you - and how many of yous wanna do that!"


Highway run
Into the midnight sun;
Wheels go round and round
You’re on my mind;
Restless hearts
Sleep alone tonight;
Sendin’ all my love
Along the wire.

They say that the road
Ain’t no place to start a family;
Right down the line
It’s been you and me;
And lovin’ a music man
Ain’t always what it’s supposed to be;
Oh girl, you stand by me
I’m forever yours...faithfully.

Circus life
Under the big top world;
We all need the clowns
To make us smile;
Through space and time
Always another show;
Wondering where I am
Lost without you.

And being apart ain’t easy
On this love affair;
Two strangers learn to fall
In love again;
I get the joy
Of rediscovering you;
Oh girl, you stand by me
I’m forever yours...faithfully.

Oh, oh, oh-oh
Oh, oh, oh-oh
Oh, oh, oh-oh
Oh, oh, oh-oooh

Faithfully, I’m still yours;
I’m forever yours;
Ever yours...faithfully

Written by Jonathan Cain; Originally performed by Journey

God help anyone who has those feelings...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Lost City

Molten lava monster comes dripping down the road, leaving potholes of steam and footprints of disaster. His bowler hat was flaming, his bulging eyes were aiming, and his burning lips were blaming. With snarling flame he greeted a passerby.
"Well," blushed the passing woman, "Hello, Mr. Mayor."
And then he ate her.
The Mayor had now become most notorious - he kept eating people! To the aggrieved families of the eaten, this was outrageous. Some of them had even voted for the Mayor. Yet all their cries and protestations amounted to nothing. On a percentage basis, the Mayor simply ate too few people to be of concern. And besides, the Mayor was the architect of the city's success, a most helpful man to own.

Things were good in the Mayor's city and the citizens blessed themselves as prosperous people do. "See?" they opined with inescapable logic, "We must be doing something right or we wouldn't be doing so well!" In fact, they soon grew to believe they were doing everything right and the only - and greatest - enemy was change. This made even the Mayoral eating habits a Holy Thing.

Then came the rot. The burden of carrying the Mayor's sins being too heavy for some. A movement started calling for change(!) and the Holy War was on. Fools cried out,"Change is the enemy, you fools! Do you want to lose everything you have??" Like little stuck pigs, their voices squealed louder than all others and wisdom held the loudest voice must be correct. So change was called for but change did not come.

Rot came to rule, spreading like a virus. Beautiful things withered, bringing horror to all. The Stay Sane movement called this proof of the need to change. The Stay Same movement declared war on rot. Words of woe flowed from each side; righteousness must be upheld. There were votes and debates, protests and songs, crying and sighing. But in the end, those who prospered outnumbered those who did not. Nothing should change.

In the raging rot, The Mayor took much glory. Here, in the city's twilight, he reached his zenith. Rot with prosperity - the ultimate dream! Drunk with holy power, his appetite increased ten fold. Many marveled at the unstoppable Mayor and deemed a force such as his could only be a moral one. They too joined the feeding frenzy, amazed at their own ability to rot and prosper at the same time. "We are gods!" they exclaimed. "We can do no wrong!"

The war on rot rotted them. They grew conservative in their thinking. "Must not change" became the mantra, remembering the halcyon days of spoiled success. The Mayor grew sick, bloated with greedy feeding. "Vote with your soul, it's the only vote that counts." But with vain hopes of returning to former glory, die hards kept the Mayor in office. The virus of terror had won, destroying every last man, woman and child. Everything was lost by trying to keep everything they had.

A thousand years later, ruins of the Lost City were found. Its formerly stunning monuments were revered for their once wondrous beauty. The discoverers scratched their heads and wondered how this could happen to an obviously great society. Walking away, they mocked the once great city and returned to their own rotting metropolis.

Later, one liberal prick just had to say "I told you so!". (Though a voice in the background wailed, "If that son-of-a-bitch doesn't shut up, I'm going to kill him!")

"So when you see standing in the holy place the 'abomination that causes desolation', flee to the mountains. How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! For then, there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now - and never to be equaled again. If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive..."

Global warming, my ass!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More news from the mean ol' biased liberal media!

I used to be somebody(As translated by biased liberal media)

Shadowed by scandal and facing possible defeat in his re-election bid, creepy former House Majority Leader Tom TheGay backed out with his tail between his legs, ending a 21-year odyssey of hypocrisy and deceit.

TheGay, laughably describing himself as "the most investigated man in Washington," said he - like Jesus - had committed no wrongdoing but chose to run away because people were talking mean about him and that the election was actually turning into a "referendum on me." What the fuck he thought elections were before this, who knows.

"I have many regrets today and much doubt," said TheGay in a chickenshit videotaped address. "I am ashamed of the past, I am at war with the present and I'm dreading my future." He went on to say the true problem was a vast left wing conspiracy.

One bootlicker of TheGay blamed it all on "evil genius Democrats" who effected a highly skilled campaign to restore ethics, thus pressuring TheGay back under his rock. And although publicly praised by fellow criminals of his party, each miscreant privately conceded of TheGay that they were "sick of his shit and smarmy failed smile."

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Fraud and Facade

-Billy Squire "All Night Long"

It's all pointless, ya know. Somebody always sees through you. You can get a thousand pats on the back, but that one disapproving look from someone who knows shatters it all. We're all so desperate for love and approval. Even a pointless pretense we grab onto.

-John Lennon "Crippled Inside"

Are you a woman who picked the wrong man to marry? If you lie about it, no one will know you screwed up, no one will mock your choices, you will still be known as a virtuous person. Lying seems the smart thing to do! Reality is, you're wasting time not being with the right person. God ain't out to kill ya. It just seems that way.

As you can tell by the ending of my previous post, I got issues. "I was a pig. And the pressures of being a pig were killing me." It took John Lennon ten years to strip the illusion out of his life. It's a lifetime project for me too. I want to come clean. There's no other way to survive.

The Good Book speaks of spirits clean and unclean - and equates that with holiness and unholiness. That's clear to me but of course the liberal fuck has to chime in:

"Listen and understand.
What goes into a man's mouth does not make him 'unclean',
but what comes out of his mouth,
that is what makes him 'unclean'"

Matthew 15:10-11

Saturday, April 01, 2006

"Look at me, I'm in tatters! I'm a shattered"

Ah, yes, another depressing post...
Strung out. I can't blog when I'm strung out, you only see the "normal" me. But every day I spend time incapacitated. I can't move. I have no will to live. The living nightmare won't end. My energy dissipates and I simply have to...shut down.

It's scary being that way. I usually fall into a state of semi-sleep. During that time, any harsh glance during the day comes roaring back as a screaming monster. A white lie told becomes an expose on my life. "Kill the fraud! It'll make us feel better." A shattered piece of glass I carefully avoided I now step on barefoot. It's bleeding and I don't know how to make it stop.

Is there a future in mainlining depression? That's about how much hope I have. Witch doctors try to fix you with psychotropic drugs (never taken, never will). I've been asked to explain that stance. Ain't no pill for loneliness. That has to be told?? (For all those who use and/or swear by drugs for yourself, have at it) Just gimme a woman. Watch my body chemistry change. There’s more than one way to heal a person. Morons. You just haven’t looked.

Stupid blogspot just lost some of my post. People are looking at me for yelling and pounding the keyboard. Goddam fucking shit!!!!! fuck this