Sunday, July 24, 2016

Beyond Xebulan: Interview With A Savage

I can see more clearly now: I've been sent here to remind me nothing can exist outside of love. The futility and tragedy of trying do so begets horrors no sentient being should ever witness. I used to know that! The anger of this planet's self-betrayal blinds them into madness and unlivable regret. Unforgivably, they see triumph in their sin, crowing to the heavens of how they've robbed the future for the present. Having no understanding of the time dimension, they do not realize those things are one in the same.

Still, our Maker made them for a reason, value must be somewhere. That makes me curious. As an unsaved planet, I cannot expose my true self upon pain of instant death but their blindness to themselves makes them blind to me as well. In this I do hide. I found a group of ordinary workers. They laugh and bicker as if all were well and clouds of doom are not darkening in the sky. It's both enraging and pitiful at the same time. I have to know more.

I watched on their communication portal a man exposing the frailty of a crumbling bridge. He said, in fact, many many more are just like it. I found that quite shocking but was even more disturbed by the overall non-reaction. Each of these beings has the light of the Maker within so how do they reconcile willful self-endangerment? I went to the bridge in question to ask the aborigine workers of their rationale.

"Greetings and salutations! May I ask you of that bridge behind you?"

"Sure, what of it?

"It seems to be in some disrepair and will at some point present imminent danger to humanoid life."

"You're not from around here, are ya?"

"That would be an accurate statement."

"Then what ya so worried about a damn bridge for?"

"You see, I am curious why it's not repaired in a timely fashion."

"Haha, OK, pal. You wanna fund it you can fix it anytime. Be my guest!"

"That's because of your rule of money."

"Them that gots the money makes the rules, yessiree."

"Yes, what I don't understand is that money is something you simply print on pieces of paper, no? If you need more, then just print more!"

"Man, it don't work like that."

"Why not?"

"It just don't, OK? All sorts of things would happen."

"Like what?"

"Well, none of us exactly knows...Hey, Andrew! You're the smart guy. Get over here. This guy got no understanding of money or economics."

"Yes, Andrew. I hear complaints of money shortages but don't understand the reason for not simply printing more of it if needed."

"Money is a commodity like any other. The more of it there the less it's worth therefore the more you print the more money it takes to equal the same amount of purchasing power. Thus printing more is pointless."

"But that's your choice! It's not a law of nature!"

"But it's a law of economics."

"But money paper only has the value you assign it. It can be anything you want!"

"That's for the markets to decide. It can't be just whatever we wish."

"Yes! Yes, it can! Pretending it's not so doesn't make it any less true. You base your world on a fiction within your own minds."

"It's not a fiction if everyone agrees it's not."

"Agreement of what? Self-enslavement? Disagree and you'll be free. It would be more productive to take all that paper and use it to fuel a fire."

"Hey, pal. Before you go burning your money, hand it over to me first!"

"I'm not speaking individually, but collectively as a society."

"You suggest we go to some sort of barter system? Civilization has progressed way beyond that!"

"Not when you can't fix one broken bridge! And besides, you're already on the barter system, there's no way around it. Everyone trades for what they need every day. This artifice you've created only hinders it, sometimes to the point of death. That's insanity!"

"That's capitalism! The greatest way of life ever invented. It was capitalism that built that bridge in the first place."

The workers grumbled at that statement. "Naw, Andy, our fathers built that bridge. Took half their lives and we're damn proud of it."

"Nothing gets built without funding first!"

"Nothing gets built with funding alone, neither!"

This is a perfect example of there love/hate relationship with their "money" concept. On one hand they see it as their provider and savior while at the same time extremely bristling at the chains it brings to their lives. They are of two minds and the longer they stay that way naturally the more angry and miserable they become. They let this fictional paper run their lives even to the point of murder, I kid you not. What's most deflating is the pride they take in their perceived cleverness! They have made a foundation of their greed for their society (and even marriages!) and in the process sanctified it as the will of the Maker of the universe. A complete and utter anarchy devolving into dystopia. The proof is all around them to see!

I was forced to bring up what they mutually deny in what I can only call a planet-wide conspiracy. "What I fail to see is the responsibility of these decisions. How is allowing hunger responsible? How is poisoning this planet responsible? [I almost said "your planet"!] How can allowing all this unnecessary human misery be deemed responsible?"

"I'll tell you what's not responsible! Depending on people to share - now that's a fairy tale! I don't know where you get your ideas from but that's crazy commie talk you're speaking. We got things figured out pretty good already, thank you very much. So I'd appreciate it if you'd keep your subversive ideas to yourself."

"Says the man who says he "cannot" fix a bridge!"

"Nothing's is perfect. Don't like things here, then move on!"

"Why move when all you need is to make things responsible?"

"Enough of your silly talk. Let me tell you how it really has to be: each man for himself. Each person has to make his own way and no other person can do it for him. It's up to the individual to get what he needs and make his life right. You people expecting the world to make your life right are going to be sorely disappointed! It's all on you! How's that for being responsible??"

"I'm confused. Are you speaking of money - or of love?"

"Love, of course. - I mean - "

And there we had the truth of it.

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