Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Flower's Dream

I saw a flower in a field today, and in it I glimpsed the beauty of God. In a mystical moment, its warm, delicate petals seemed to hearken back to the ancient times of the beginning when men openly wondered All That Is Meant To Be. This flower gloried in the Sun it received and celebrated its place in the world. It asked not how or why things came to be but merely threw itself on the mercy of Nature.

And Nature was good.

"There's more to life than meets the eye" and never was that truer as I spied the treasure of this flower's radiance. I sensed it crying out to me, trying to share hidden secrets of the Universe. And I felt that just as Nature had rejoiced in Einstein's discoveries of Her true self, so would this flower rejoice were I to know the power of its gifts. It was a feeling of missing something so huge it would save the world. There are times, you see, when dreams are more real to me than anything I can touch.

And this flower took me to a place where dreams come true.

"We are not meant to die," it breathed. The flower spoke of great forces we knew nothing about - or maybe we have long forgotten. It spoke of the Power of Life - that by figuring out everything we had figured out nothing. But the most magical part was having my deepest of instincts confirmed: life is a good thing. All we had to do was accept it and walk on the water to Eternity as the flower had. Damn, I wanted to talk with that flower forever!

But I live in a world of invisible bars.

The fleeting moment of the flower passed all too quickly as the flatbed truck I rode in bounced over a jarring pothole and the oblivious driver continued to chew on his chaw on our way to deliver entry doors to a construction site. Had the truck stopped when I saw this flower of the Sun, it would have taken mere seconds to reach it. I was that close. But in my reality, it was over a lifetime away. I would never see that flower again, trapped as I am on a road to nowhere.

Since then it has haunted me; my special friend. I dream of living within its bosom and never having to explain our smiling joy. Life is so much more than we have deigned it to be. We cheat ourselves mightily. That one inspiring, heart-rendering incident changed me forever. Since then I have come to understand the Flower's Dream of harmony with Nature. And I found there's a word for life without harmony: death.

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