Monday, April 17, 2017

I Saw The Sun And It Ate My Eyes

it's all about the New Way, they said. no more truth or lies, they are the same. nothing is real, not even illusion. no more worry, no more sin, a new dawn is about to begin. adapt or be left behind. this is what they sold - and it sold very well.

so much is unsaid

a man came who told us he could move mountains. we laughed until he showed us by moving a mountain to our feet. suddenly, every map was a lie. he asked us if we wanted to move mountains too. everyone did, so we said no. when he left and we no longer believed we safely failed to move even an anthill and called the man a fraud.

she asked us why we had names when we're all the same inside. i asked her if all our taxes are the same and she left.

someone said there is no wind. the air is still. what we feel is the spinning of the world in motionless air. that's their theory of relativity. everybody lives by one.

with the New Way, every theory is valid. much comfort is found in this. a man declared he was going to live underwater, mocking us for our air dependency while he remained underwater holding his breath. he ran out of air but was a stubborn man and drowned just so he could he say he was never wrong.

monsters aren't monsters in the New Way

a child is viciously beaten in the town square. "no! no! stop! please stop! what did I do?" in the New Way, no one has to do anything to be beaten. a crowd gathers to watch, hearing their miserable inner lives in cathartic release, justifying the child's parents in unrelinquished rage.

a man wrapped in fur came to gloat. "success is easy! it's just a matter of crime!" he went on to scoff there is no good or bad - except when it comes to wine.

the world is a corpse where the dead rejoice if only in their head where buffalo roam and the sky is not angry someday. i heard a madman screaming the truth and a calm man peddling the false. the dead sleep well.

he never found meaning in his search. that was good enough for him never to stop.

she sassed "it's really like that!" we looked around feverishly, hungry for a revelation at last, but saw nothing. then she knew too much.

a large driverless grocery-laden truck rammed down the highway running over a small child. everyone said something must be done so they wouldn't have to do anything. that's the best way to get electable.

i saw a man slowly walk until he just stopped and keeled over with a whisper. he'd lost his will to live. he did everything society deemed necessary to survive but nothing he wanted, dying a thousand times before breakfast. only in his last moment did he realize doing as he wanted was what he needed. his last whisper decried "guilt won't let me do what I want."

i overheard her bear false witness against me, thinking she's blessed by the New Way. she spoke with impunity, factually explaining her crimes as mine. I rushed over to kill her but she ran away knowing the New Way was just more bullshit.

people asked me what the deal was with my locker. i told them to go over and open it. the fool who did so screamed in pain just like i always do when i open up. the beast inside shoots out its tentacles, each holding a razor sharp scalpel swinging wildly that always cuts you. they asked why i put up with that. i replied it's the only place I can get money. i told them that's why i curse both god and the world, praying for the death of both. then i went on trying to cover up the wounds that never heal.

I saw the sun and it ate my eyes; silently watching my demise.
Adults win when the child cries; losers win when you buy their lies.
Hating hate won't make us wise; how many more times will the living sun rise?

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