Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Unemployment Myths - Confirmed!

An act of nature or an act of man?
You decide!

Dear future historians, are you laughing or crying - or perhaps both - at the twisted behavior of which we so willingly allow during these dark and epic times? How clear it will become the contamination of our minds! It must be sort of like us looking back at the wrongheaded psychotic witch burners claiming that to not kill the witches meant certain death for society.

Ah yes, nothing like the cruelest form of murder condoned by the high state. But back in those days, no one stopped the piling of wood for the coming atrocity. Rather, they were good boys and girls and helped pile it on. How very special! Oh sure, there were some troublemaking loudmouths protesting the executions and accompanying mass hysteria but who were they to question anything??

Show me a man who never questions and I'll show you a criminal.

Now if I were to attempt to burn a witch today I'd be rightly labeled criminally insane. And one day, acts commonly done today will also be seen for what they are: criminally insane. Eh, stupid is as stupid does.

Just a matter of time before they are viewed (hung!)
as the criminal element they truly are

Taking a family out of their home, throwing them onto the street to slowly die can be argued as even more cruel than witch burning. Yet we allow it everyday. But seems most people when hit over the head with a two-by-four don't question the hit, they merely say, "I need a better helmet!" When their knees get hit, they follow with kneepads until finally - if lucky - their entire body is covered by a suit of armor.

That's what it's like trying to make oneself safe through money. There's no endgame to it, you're never free! If you want to be free - and there's no possible future any other way - then stop allowing assholes with two-by-fours going around whacking people to death! Not really hard to figure out. But like the witch burners of old, we maniacally protest it's actually life we are preserving!

Pretty goddam funny if the consequences weren't so barbarous.

In my novel I wrote of the Important Papers of the "Resident", declaring the need for "solutions that do not solve". People gotta feel like they're doing something - even if they aren't. Airport security comes to mind. We're doing something alright, it just doesn't make us safe! Keep the willfully ignorant occupied and you can slide anything past them.

Rising gas prices are an excellent example! "Buy a smaller car!" "Walk to work in the rain!" "Become a hermit!" Do those things and we'll call you 'good' and 'smart' and 'responsible'. Oh, goody! Somebody said I'm smart and responsible! Clap for me! Problem is, there's no such thing as a smart sucker.

Too few question if inflated gas prices are justified in the first place - and those who do are considered just more of the loudmouth troublemakers always being negative about acts of evil. The nerve!

When faced with society's evils, the traitors will say to the truth tellers: "OK, if it's so bad why don't you go out and stop it!" They say this knowing full well that to stop a witch burning would be suicidal and have no effect on stopping the practice. Some solutions are communal. Those who do not acknowledge that are the ones who destroy the fabric of society.

OK, none of these feelings are new on my part so what exactly pissed in my Post Toasties? This laughably named “Remake America” project from Yahoo. Guess they can't call it the "Assuage Guilty Feelings So Nothing Has To Change" project.

Here I come to save the day!

"This presidential election year, Yahoo! is following six families facing the same issues and challenges affecting millions of Americans. Our families will share their journeys and our audience and our experts will help them — and America — find solutions to these issues."

Oh, how noble! Please, show six families how to survive the endless blows so we can justify beating up on people forever. You see, if bad things are happening to you it can only be your fault! We are a good and kind and just people - just ask us! Misfortune is thine own, an ill favored thing!

Yeah, well, fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Fuck you to the hell you propose for others.

Episode 1: "Being laid off sucks...but I'm a sucker fighter!"

That's John talking tough there and we applaud him in fearful knee-jerk reaction, acting as if he's been left out in the forest only to fight his way out! Only, John's problems are very much artificial and manmade.

Career asshole expert Tory Johnson met up with John to figure out why someone with years of great experience can’t leverage that into a new job. What she found was someone who wasn’t marketing himself well and someone who had become extremely pessimistic about his job prospects. In this episode, Tory advises John on how to improve his job search and leaves him with an important decision to make

Well, the cunt has a good point there. People who can't market themselves deserve to die. Put on that top hat and tails and do the ol' song and dance routine! America loves public humiliation. Those Idol ratings aren't skyrocketing for nothing! "We don't owe you a living, motherfucker. Now dance!"

Only 10% of business is about business. The rest is seeing how much you can get away with being an asshole. My father was an executive whore most of his life. He told the story of one fellow executive who loved to fire people. It literally turned him on. See, he didn't lie to himself about the rape as most of us do. He wallowed in it - untouchable.

"What's held you back as a job seeker is bitterness!"

See folks, it always comes back to something you are doing wrong. You're lazy, angry, worthless, [fill-in-the-blank with favorite self-admonishment]. The one percenters are laughing their ass off at you watching you internalize society's ills, taking on debts not your own. They love it because it keeps up the free ride they live for - and maybe the free ride you hope to live too.

Trust me, folks, if you're out hunting for a new job without ever questioning what fucked you in the first place you're not a fighter, you're a quitter. "I won't protest the witch burning just so long as I'm not the witch."

How many must we sacrifice in the name of upholding a system of greed? Apparently, the answer is everybody! There really is no need for greed or hunger, we just pretend there is to justify our rotten ways. God made us perfect. What makes us imperfect is not accepting that.

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