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A Short History Of Now (To Educate Tea Partiers)

As I've said before, I love the bitterness the Occupy movement causes in both the left and the right. Burned out Sixties protesters hate it because it reminds them of their failure to cause any substantial change. Establishment folks (left, right and middle) hate any sort of uncontrollable activity because that always has the potential to reflect poorly on them having giving up on the idea of change. And naturally the people out there committing the crimes don't want that pointed out no matter how much those crimes might be condoned by the greater population.

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world!

Moments into a speech before volunteers here Wednesday evening, [true consumer advocate] Elizabeth Warren was interrupted by a Tea Party supporter who hurled a gender-based epithet at the Senate candidate. The man, who said he'd been unemployed since February 2010, objected to Warren's expressed affiliation with the frustrations of Occupy Wall Street, and argued that the Tea Party has been protesting Wall Street excess for longer than the nascent global movement.

...Speaking in a packed VFW hall, Warren went on to address his question about her association with Occupy Wall Street. "I've been protesting what's been going on on Wall Street for a very long time," she said, but added that the movement has its own independent agenda and will proceed along its own course.

"Yeah, so has the Tea Party," the man said, before losing his cool.

"Well, if you're the intellectual creator of that so-called party," he said, "you're a socialist whore. I don't want anything to do with you." The crowd shouted him down as he added that Warren's "boss," presumably referring to the president, was "foreign-born." He then attempted to storm out through a side door. Finding it locked, he retreated out the back of the VFW hall instead.

Now that's a conflicted soul! (And there's nothing worse than storming off into a locked door! HAHAHA!)

But let's see if we can untangle that soul, shall we? (I'll keep it simple considering our intended recipient)

First off we have two major political parties in this country:

Republicans: Their job is to loot the country down to its last nickel. With a vastly bloated military budget reaching its limit these wild-eyed boys are now salivating at getting their hands on the massive social security funds and drain them dry too.

Democrats: Their job is to appease and enable the Republicans, thus allowing themselves to appear innocent, above it all, and fighting the good fight. It's also their job to take the blame for the Republicans' crimes.

Since 1980 without aberration, this behavior has been the one constant in this country. But like with any addiction, one has to up the dosage to get the same high. Whoever thought we'd be looking back at the Savings and Loan scandal of the late 80's with the warm and fuzzy sigh of spilt milk? Heck, that's a day's crime on Wall Street nowadays. But let us cut to the current century.

In the year of our Lord 2000 A.D. we put an anti-Christ into office to lead this once great country of ours. This Greed Nazi had only lust in his soiled, fruitless heart for pillaging and plunder. But while most people were only noticing the rape of Iraq for its resources, reality was this same sort of pillaging was going on here on our own shores for our resources. Greed, folks, has no ethics or friends, only past, present and future victims.

As always, doom came gift wrapped in sweet lies. In an effort claiming to want to "make everyone a homeowner", a subtle but large scale operation was kicked off to squeeze the entire net worth out of the middle class like a teenager's fresh zit. And where would all that money go? Why to the top, of course. Ultimately, it's economic law that money always flows up (A law never mentioned, or is disputed, by the swindlers, i.e. if someone disputes this you know they are a swindler!)

In a previous post I went over leveraging, how something as little as 5 dollars can control 100 dollars worth of investments. In this scenario a person can increase his profits twenty fold - and conversely increase his losses by the same factor. Leveraging has been around forever and is a common and standard practice. The example I just gave is a 20:1 leverage. Investment banks at the time of the housing bubble were operating at a 30:1 ratio.

As a Japanese warlord, I would pass a law that if someone caused harm and later claimed they were "only trying to help", I would have their tongue cut out. Bad enough you fucked me but then you have to lie about it? But so began the great housing bubble of the 2000's. A supposedly grand gesture to engender homeownership (who could be against that?) but what was in reality a scheme of such galling and evil proportions no one would believe it could actually happen (sort of like concentration camps of yore).

First, a huge and easy supply of cheap money was provided. This was the fuel for the fire. Like crack cocaine, this money was offered out by dealers looking to prey on the weak minded - of which there are many (did I mention we willingly put an anti-Christ into office?) Regardless of how the addicts' lives may end up, the dealer gets his profits up front with his commission on the mortgage loan. And then for being so successful for lining up victims he gets a big bonus! Money was just exploding through the system.

But as the mortgage brokers were congratulating themselves for flying first class, investment bankers were congratulating themselves on buying the plane. Knowing the massive money supply pumped into the system would create a bubble for a period of time, the bankers made hundreds of billions through their leveraging scam - with the potential for trillions more. With everyone able to "afford" a home now (loans handed out regardless of the ability to pay them back), home prices went up, the average person's net worth went up, loans increased, and the stage was set for a giant crash.

Myopia is the grease that turns the gears in this scheme. The homeowner only sees his value increasing, the broker only sees his fees increasing, the bankers only see the market going up and up. What this willful ignorance provides is the ability to later claim to be "Shocked! Shocked!" when it all comes crashing down. "Gosh darn, whoever could have foreseen this happening?"

Well, the fuckers who engineered it did. Our current economic disaster is no accident. And yet, no one goes to jail because so few among us are actually innocent - that's the beauty of mass seduction.

When the bubble burst we had two choices to stabilize the banking industry: give all our resources to the banks or give all our resources to the homeowners to make good on their loans. Once committed, there is no going back. Unfortunately, we made the wrong decision and the die is cast no matter what moves are made now. Toxic derivative bets exceed the entire world GDP many times over. Ain't leveraging grand??

Politicians are like magicians: they profit from misdirection. When Joe Homeowner woke up and found himself under water with no hope, pols know that guy is going to be angry, most likely irresponsible, and looking for blood. Republican elites knew all along about the housing bubble (Just as Bin Laden knew the 9/11 hijackers were on a suicide mission but not all the lowly hijackers did) and thus were prepared to deflect blame at the first possible opportunity. Dear God, what would they do without the Democrats?

Getting back to our angry tea partier, whose group started out protesting the banking bailouts, this man should be standing and applauding Elizabeth Warren who has done more and advocated more to reel in banks than anyone else in government. If only our President shared her convictions. But being the sucker that he is, being "broadminded" and "practical" and reaching across the table to the Greed Nazis, he listened to his Wall Street cronies who told him: badmouth the banks all you want but give them all the money!

But since this a man alleged to be on the left, he is susceptible to being labeled a "socialist", a 21st century communist vampire. The term ‘socialist’ to many people's minds means "Someone's going to take all my shit and give it to someone else for nothing!" The tea partier in the above story believes this narrative (for whatever reason) and thus concludes that since all his shit is gone it must have been taken by the socialists!

The reality is we have suffered from socialism of just that very description. Corporate socialism has taken - and continues to take - from one group to another while giving nothing in return. In criminal parlance that's called robbery. In the bent and twisted minds of our current belief system, it's called a necessity. The art of the lie that keeps this bleeding endlessly is to blame the folks who want to end it, to say that is the end of our American way.

Ah, how the fat cats do love and sponsor the tea partiers! They are like blind attack dogs taking down the evildoers' just accusers. It's like in Soviet Russia when victims of the purges would write Daddy Stalin to save them when in fact he was the man behind them pogroms. (When you see the Koch brothers, think of Stalin with an equally evil twin.) But now we see the difference between the Occupy movement and the tea party.

Keeping with the Soviet parallel, one can either be misguided by Daddy Stalin or one can see through Daddy Stalin. The deceived suffering masses blamed the purge victims for their ails just as we (unbelievably) blame the poor for ours. But how different would Russian history have been had the people woken up and Mussolini'd Stalin's ass? (They wouldn't be stuck with the highest suicide rate in the world for one thing). Our parallel would be for us to have the banks de-leverage themselves and pay back all the money even if it takes untold decades to do so, putting them in virtual permanent poverty. Sweet!

The Occupiers correctly see the only way out of our mess is through social justice. Justice is the cornerstone of any society and without it a nation unequivocally fails and rots to the core (Hi ancient Rome!). But the tea partiers are angry because they want to have their greed and eat too. Unfortunately, in the long run, that's an either/or situation - something we are about to find out in the most cruel, scarring, and unforgettable way in human history.

Want to know who's fucking you? You're fucking you if you don't stand for justice.

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