Friday, November 25, 2011

Into The Night

Winged creature both
Clawed and craven;
Black eyes as sharp
As the wicked raven.

In hovering sky
Its form shows clear;
Foraging hunter
Seeks living fear.

Its dreams are bold
Of Mankind's doom;
Fill hearts with hate
For the ancient rune.

Battlefield earth
Leaves wounds untended;
Creature swoops in
Where love's pretended.

Picks clean my bones
Snapping the tendon;
Scratching my brain
Beyond the mendin'.

Angel words cloak
Its bite of death;
Deceived souls hail
Its every breath.

"Are you hurting, child?
"Does no one help?"
"My bite will save you
"If you do not yelp!"

Razorblade tooth rips
Soft human flesh;
Vampire betrayal
As death and life mesh.

"Hope is the enemy!
"Death is your friend!
"Bite unto others
"For life without end!"

Factory poison
Chokes nurturing air;
Winged creatures
Pick green forests bare.

In mirthless victory
Sainted blood stains;
Who hears love's voice
When truth's held in chains?

Winds of twisted times
Spin friendly word;
As foes speak kindly
Of cherished lies heard.

Into the night
I cry out for Thee!
Alas, no one is left
To set me free.

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