Sunday, June 19, 2011

Midnight Screams Of Little Anxious Annie

"Who's brought to justice?
"Why everyone, of course."

Who am I?

I'm a star. Dazzling crowds from coast to coast. I'll display my artistry for all to see. And that would be enough. Just sharing my love. No more lying. No more dying. Is there really a God? One that wants us to be happy? So hard to believe! I want the world to be my family. I want to live in the glow of love with no secrets. My name remembered for all time, bringing pleasure to thousands, maybe even millions. Just thinking this makes my heart beat faster with hope. The future is endless. The future is mine.

Who am I?

I'm nobody. Just another small time crook with my name lost to the ages. I scrap and scrabble my way along until I'm either too tired or shot dead. I got nothin'. All I bring is bad news and bullets. You're on your own in this world so anything goes! No one gives you nothin'. I'm going to keep on living my secret life where those bastards can't touch me. No will ever know I was here because no one ever wanted to know. My heart is dead. Everything before me is emptiness and blackness. Into the void I go.

Who am I?

What could I have done differently? How could have I stayed with him living a lie? Was he not going to end it anyway? What was I supposed to do? Go to prison? Would he have given up his job to save me from jail time? How can I believe good things are meant for me after living a life of crime? How can I be a star? How can I be a nobody? Where is the truth? How much longer can my heart stay ripped in two? Should I run back to him even now? Where will I end up if I just keep uselessly drifting like this?

Questions like snakes bite deep and hard, injecting poison's fear. The illusion of the known sows mistrust of the reality of the unknown. Cobwebs of the mind harbor ancient dread, sunshine's joy fades to dream. Must be a better way when there's no way out. Whatever is grasped slips through clawing fingers.

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