Monday, May 30, 2011

Elle Est Morte: She Said She's Dead

"She said she's dead."

"Dead? Dead how? Dead tired?"

"Just dead. She said she's dead like an eggplant, dead like a cantaloupe."

"Dead like a cantaloupe? What kind of freaky talk is that?"

"I don't know, that's what she said."

"But that makes no sense. She's going to kill herself like a fruit?"

"Why not? She's already dead."

"She's got two kids to take care of! What about them?"

"How can a dead person raise children? She'd only fuck them up."

"She has to do it anyway. It's a mother's duty no matter what."

"But she's dead. Dead like a carcass in an onion field."

"She said all that?"

"She said she was dead in many ways."

"So I guess she's dead. We need to do something then!"

"What do you do for the dead?"

"What about her husband? Surely he can do something."

"He's the wrong man for the job, part of why she's dead."

Part eggplant

"She should get the right one then!"

"Adultery? Divorce? That's for the living. She's dead."

"I'm sick of her being dead. What kind of woman gets into a mess like that!?"

"Kind of woman that marries the wrong man."

"Exactly. All she is now is a burden on us and I'm tired of carrying her."

"Let the dead bury the dead."

"Indeed. I have a thousand things going on to keep me alive. A thousand! No time for the dead."

"That's good to hear."

"She's just going to have to understand she got herself into this mess and she's going to have to get herself out of it. I can't live her life for her. It's her choice to keep living with the wrong man and living a lie. She should have done something while she was still alive."

"She only speaks honestly when she's dead."

"Well, it's too late then!"

"It's easier to speak when it's too late."

"OK, that settles it. There's nothing anyone can do. She's dead and we're alive."

"Yes, she's dead and we're alive."

[long silence]

"Actually, I'm dead too."

"So am I."

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