Saturday, January 24, 2009

Top Ten Homeless Pick Up Lines

How come no one ever thinks of a homeless guy with a boner? Oftentimes I like to saddle up next to a hott honey on the sidewalk and whisper these sweet nothings in her ear.

10. Hey, lady, your alley or mine?
9. Bet you've never seen anyone who can burp like I can! (demonstrate)
8. Can I at least have sex with your car?

7. Ever wanna do it in a cardboard box?
6. I know the BEST public restrooms!
5. Yuppies make me horny!

4. I've lived indoors before, oh yeah.
3. You know, I could be a secret millionaire...
2. Showering - it's way overrated.
1. Hey, baby, I'm ready to pop. You wouldn't believe the last time I came!

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