Monday, December 08, 2008

Veni Vidi Vici, A Love Poem

Veni Vidi Vici

A Love Poem by Julius Caesar

Hail I, mighty Caesar
Hero of the world!
I silence crying babies
And weep the old man's girl!

See the hollow losers
Seeking ecstasy;
But love is for us winners
Receiving sextacy!

No war is unholy
As I lick the feet of glory;
Bare breasted mothers run
To find their true love whorey.

The eyes of jealous husbands
Watch and masturbate;
Do not fear their rape:
It's themselves they most hate!

It amazes even me,
This worshipped, golden shlong;
Love is for the taker,
Love is for the strong.

Simple-minded soldiers
Tell tales of lovely woe;
But only of conquering
Do I wish to know.

T'was once a darling lass -
She cared not for my path;
"Rulers make bad lovers" -
The world since feels my wrath!

...I cherish not
Your loving hopes.
...Pyrrhic dreams
Of daily soaps.

I love my lusty living
Soaring ever higher!
Burning fame's fortune
Keeps my soul a-fire!

Gods of divinity
Perched me where I am:
Every woman's man
And every man's woman

"Wow, Beav, that was really good!"
"Gee, thanks Wally."

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