Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Tilting of the World

Edgar Cayce said the end of the world would come about by a tilting of the world's axis by a few degrees. It doesn't sound like a lot, but a few degree change in the angle of our rotation would pretty much wipe us out. And if I remember right, there's actual physical evidence right now that points towards this happening. One little flick from the hand of God and all that was will be no more.

Unemployment is also like that, one small change in direction and suddenly doom destroys your destiny. The world spins out of control and you ride along as its helpless, hapless passenger, wondering how one can stop the earth from spinning. You can't, of course. You just die.

As your perspective shifts, your foundations shift also. Dreams dissolve into nightmares. Cherished hopes morph into an aching echo. The very idea of reality falls into question. The freefall into darkness suffocates you with fear. Had you not been holding onto something real all along??

And so the inside reverts to the outside. You're kicked out of the club of the thriving and surviving. Physically, your presence has not changed. But the conversations don't include you anymore. Who cares for the voice that's no longer a part of the productive? The wall of communal guilt cannot be breached as the survivors silently suspect society. No one, after all, truly believes our well being depends on a system that prevents willing souls from work. Yes indeed, your body is still there - but you are not.

Drifting further into space, farther and farther away from the mother ship, the universal freeze ices your heart. Safely removed from our sight, we in the mother ship celebrate our fortune and argue over which funny movie to see next. We comfort ourselves with lies of your demise: "They can make it if they want to...Where there's a will there's a way!...I bet they don't really want to work anyway." Floating in the great void, with pounding heart, you read the lips of soundless voices through the windows and know your fate is on your own.

"What can I do?" Can I learn a sport and have it made? Will God save me by the lottery? How come no one on sitcoms is unemployed? Why is it so easy for everyone else to have a job? These suit people on the streets, they walk with a purpose. That used to be me! Funny, I never noticed us aimless wanderers before. I'll never be able to walk the streets the same way again. Is not reality true from all angles?"

Numbers in our head. I see headlines with "realities" that exist nowhere but in our heads and those numbers possess us. We stop making cars yet we still need to drive. The farmers can't farm yet we still need to eat. Dreams are not pragmatic but a living hell is? We are defiant in our defense of death. But these numbers in our heads won't save us. If we all had a mutual amnesia, we'd be back to work tomorrow.

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