Thursday, July 26, 2007

Self Portrait #9 - Missing Debby Hanssen

Fuck! Goddammit! Motherfucker! Jesus God no! Help me! Make her GO AWAY! Fucking asshole! I HATE you! you Fucking Fuck! Get off my fucking back! There's nothing there! there's Nothing there! Nothing goddammit! What did I DO?? I can't face it. Make it stop! Fuck you, God! oooooh, shiiit! I'm fucked now! I'm fucked ROYALLY! Help me no one can help me! I can't breathe! Reeling out of control! God could you make it stop! Just one goddam time? Don't look at me! Don't Look! She'll see me and I'll die. I've got no place to go! fuck! Fix it before she gets back! unacceptable! Fucking Unacceptable! yeah, you just sit there like that you slobbering piece of shit! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT! What in the fuck are you doing?? You're sitting in the street naked! Put on your goddam clothes! Jesus fucking Christ I hate you! It's tearing me apart! Hey, I'm dying here! You fucking fuck! You're Fuckers too! I've got no future. Know-it-all bitch! Christ, I hate you! I fucking loathe you! Whore! Spread your legs and get the world! Asshole! Cunt! Fucking world! I've got no place to go! get away! Stay the fuck away from me! Fucking bitch! I oughtta punch you right in the face! back off goddammit! Let me outta here! I hope you're goddam happy! You desecrated my life! I'm going to tell her I am when I'm not! Oh no! Not that! Oh, no no no no nooooo

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