Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fairy Tales of the Damned

It was easy to see how she got here - if not so easy to see how to get out. That little voice hissing inside her: Why be alone if you don't have to be? Being alone meant learning to walk on your own, exposing your decisions, growing up. She could always do those things later. Trust God to sort it out. If her Maker ever wanted her to be alone, then she would surely accept it when the time came. She was God fearing and would do the right thing - just not now. Not till it was proven she was wrong. Her answer to being together forever was: "I do".

It was easy to see how he got here - if not so easy to see how to get out. He was a master at illusion and in the artifice of the world he found success. Why say no to greed if greed makes the world work? Was the world a bad place? Trust God to sort it out. If he were in the wrong, God would take his success away, but he could face that. He simply chose not to at this time. When offered the brass ring, his answer was: "I'll take it."

Loathing was the instant reaction when he and she met. Each smelled the other's weakness and recognized the stench: a stupid fool with a false sense of godliness. Their mutual contempt assured each transgressor of he/she's moral integrity. I would never fall for a fraud like that! And thus the seduction began. He bribed her with a life of endless companionship, sailing through troubled waters on a ship of romance. She pretended a moral struggle of which the only outcome must be a righteous one. We are virtuous, each decided, for the one who hates me now approves me.

And thus a fairy tale was born. “When I first met your father, I did not love him,” she sold to her daughter. “You have to be friends first and let it grow into love. That’s what happened to me. I was open to love and God sent me the one meant for me. I was so stupid I didn’t even know to like him at first! But God worked on my heart and turned me toward him so I might see the light. Now all my dreams of love have come true!”

Father colluded with his son. “Every man is a cripple and needs a woman to survive. But women are holy and pure and you cannot have one without being a rightly soul yourself. Your mother would never have agreed to marry me otherwise. God gave me this woman so I could perform the responsible deeds I need to in this world. By these things I know the path I follow is the true one.”

It was easy to see how they got here - if not so easy to see how to get out. It was a country made safe by war so war must be the answer. When the ugly reality of the world intruded upon wishful thinking, the thought of living without it was intolerable. Their leader cried War! and a lying nation followed. The good life must never be threatened. Why say no to the good life? Was war wrong? Trust God to sort it out. One day the path of peace would be chosen - just not today.

And thus a fairy tale was born. The leader spoke with a knowing smirk of approval. "This is a good and righteous war – one that God himself has told me to wage. We are spreading freedom and democracy. We fight the good fight and those killed are those who must be butchered. Those tortured are those who must be tormented. And the freedoms we abridge are freedoms that must be interrupted. We cannot let our enemies prevail or we will become murderous, tormenting enslavers as they are!”

He and she watched with adoring eyes. They worshipped a leader who was pure in heart, a person of integrity – just as each of them was.

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