Wednesday, August 09, 2017

A Tale Of One City

"You're back! So how did it go in San Francisco?"

"It didn't."

"Why not? What did you do?"

"I did nothing. No need to."

"What of all your plans of revenge and justice and taking her down??"

"Not my call. I let it go."

"So she gets away with everything?"

"All I know is, whatever happens to her it has to have nothing to do with me."

"She'll just continue her wicked ways forever!"

"She's locked in her castle and Nature will run its course. Luckily, I have no say on that either. I'm at peace now."

"Well, you look like hell."

"I know. The price of peace is dropping my fa├žade. I look like hell. I feel like hell. I am in hell."

"Then how can you have any peace?"

"Same way anyone does. It's beautiful to know I need not carry that load."

"So you don't want her to go down the tubes anymore?"

"Oh, I still want that, to see her exposed, ripped of all her lies. But there'd be no satisfaction in it if I had a hand in it. It has to happen naturally or not at all."

"I see. That must be a relief then."

"It is. I've got no one left to blame."

"So what now?"

"I'll just carry on in my drowning misery of which I can explain to no one in the world."

"Is there really no one who can understand?"

"No one who has time."

"It all seems like such a shame."

"It's a vast and incredible shame, unfaceable. The morning sun no longer rises for me."

"Jesus! Who can live like that?"

"Not me."

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