Sunday, March 27, 2016

Scenes From The Corporate VP Strike

Some say these can't be the End Times because it's been falsely predicted before, or because we've always been destructive and not died yet, or that simply Bad Things really don't happen. Education comes slowly for some. But when I saw line of blue-suited VP assholes parading outside a factory I knew without a doubt that we must be nearing the end.

"We're sick to death of the unwarranted criticism of our suppressing workers' wages so we can keep the profits to ourselves. We're not going to stand any more of the demonization of our evil ways. Gouging consumers is our God-given right! It says so in our Bible! We are a nation built on greed and blackmail and I for one won't have our holy ways badmouthed one minute more!"

I saw many signs carried by these angry white protestors so impinged upon by society.

Down with workers! Stop oppressing us with your needs!

Competence is for the loser class

Survival of the UNfittest!

Pirates are people too!

No, I DON'T feel your pain!

In the land of milk and honey
you will die or worship money!

"First Jesus, now us! Where does the crucifying end? Every day I look out my high rise condo I'm forced to look down upon the homeless and other unsightly beings. They say there's no solution but we could build camps for them if we wanted to. See? We could fix everything if only we had the political will! Lord, hear my cry for justice! I donated to You, I expect something back!"

I heard a woman complaining how all the children in her neighborhood suffer from Affluenza and that "you don't hear a word about it in the goddam godless liberal media who think it's a big joke! Those monsters!" Then a defiantly angry voice broke into song which was soon joined by a rousing chorus of fellow angry bots.

Liberal media's talking 'bout
Socialism, communism, hippie-ism, atheism,
Everything but capitalism!

All we are saying is give thieves a chance!
All we are saying is give thieves a chance!

Fear us!
Liberal media insult conservatives,
Preservatives, terrorists, religious trysts,
Inequality, dishonesty, slavery and fakery

All we are saying is give thieves a chance!
All we are saying is give thieves a chance!

Let US tell you now:
Republicans talking 'bout
Freedom's sin, freedom to sin,
Fucking people means you win!
Corporations rule the nation
Competition's an abomination!

All we are saying is give thieves a chance!
All we are saying is give thieves a chance!

So let's be talking about
Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump,
Kim Kardashian's naked rump!
Calvin Klein and Maserati,
Be the servants at our next party!
All for us and none for you

That's what God would have us do!

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