Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Is It Safe?

[I met the courier by night's relief. He had news that must get through.]

Is it safe?


They are coming?


Who are they coming for?

The innocent and the guilty, with equal contempt for both.

The corporate Cheka?

Who else? They have the mandate of the people - they want blood, even if it's their own.

But why??

To cover their own sins they must pretend yours. The more the jury lusts the higher the sentence for a man accused of lust.

How does that fool God?

It does if you see yourself as God.

They call themselves Angels...

Because they are Devils...

But the devils are winning.

When has bloodlust not ruled?

Is anyone safe?

"From the sky will come the great King of Terror"

Only the dead, whether above or below ground. Dead vampires survive by feeding off the life of others. Many are the fools who wrongly sacrifice their lives to the vampires in false hope of being "useful".

A desperate man came knocking on my door.

You can give no quarter.

Then no quarter can be taken.

Exactly. Every refuge will be found out and exposed by ruthless time.

What if I just follow the sun?

The sun's been patented. Can you afford it?

I told them of the dam failing and they called me the enemy.

There's no one left to whom you can blow the whistle.

Then the dam broke and they all died.

As they wished. Nature still has the final say over your enemies.

But I did not wish it. Down this road we all die. I thought I was doing good finding the truth.

The truth was already known or they would not have declared you enemy.

I don't see an endgame. We protect lies so we won't look like fools but in the end that only makes us die like fools.

Thy will be done.

Maybe I should just say nothing if everything is already known.

Making the world safe for greed

Soldiers of silence slay speech with slicing savagery.

I don't want to speak but I don't want to be a soldier. I just want to rest, to go underground.

Back to the other blog? You must do what you must do.

What must you do?

I cannot rest. I have news that must get through.

So there is still something important out there worth fighting for despite the corporate takeover by the anti-Christs? Even though the chains grow heavier every day there still must be pockets of hope. Not every soul has surrendered to the silence! The dream is still alive. Tell me! Tell me the news that must get through!

The news that must get through is that there is no news that must get through.

Aw, fuck.

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