Sunday, May 24, 2015

Agent Gary Seven: Report, Planet Earth

Agent: Gary Seven
Planet: Earth, Star Date 5928
Mission: Determination of survival of final incarnation

This orb spins around its star in a whirling sad tragedy. She lives in the ever shortening shadow of a moral eclipse they believe makes safe their sin. The truth is known, of course, but not openly admitted. The coming of the light is displayed only in dystopian terms. I see no evidence yet of awareness that if they believe it brings doom then doom will come or that if they believe it brings bliss bliss will come. Judging by what I see they do in the dark it's understandable of their foreboding dread of a coming mass despair as their final outcome.

I brought two fruits to an earthling. One covered in poison, another not, and asked him to choose. He chose the poisoned fruit. I asked him why. His poisoned mind replied that he made the responsible choice based on cost. I pointed out his choice costs him his health. He said this was the only way to "make the numbers work." I asked him which numbers and he said 666. This is as the prophets had seen in their ancient sorrow.

Number worship spreads ruin on a daily basis. If left to run its course the planet will become uninhabitable. Often, they will admit of their evil, factually claiming it as a necessity to maintain the number worship. Any act committed to further number worship, however, is desperately proclaimed as good and worthy. To explain how they plan to live with evil, they say evil has been done in the past so why not continue since they are not dead. To explain the suffering from the number worship, they say any other path spells a certain demise as they still see number worship as an uncertain demise.

False profits

The vast overwhelming majority endure great distress from the number worship. The basic tenet of this religion is that mutual cooperation and trust is an impossibility. Yet even the worst victims of this falsehood still cling to it despite the destruction of everything they love, including their own offspring. This prevents insurrection by even the hungriest because they fear being portrayed as betrayers to their brethren even as they commit that very act by failing to insurrect. They find glory in dying for a lie and foolhardiness in living for truth.

What they call civilization has been built on a foundation of sanctioned evil. Such is their deception on this matter they bet their entire existence on it, creating a monumental unsustainable wave of global proportions. A great uneasiness stirs within them over this even as the struggle to deny their predicament weighs heavier each passing day. Their arts are dark and lifeless, not daring to offend the cult of death mandated by the number worship. As their worry grows, so does any rebuke of their religion.

Unsanctioned evil is treated with great brutality. The amount of brutality determines the amount of morality of the judge. If the taking of one eye for an eye is good, the taking of two is better according to their reasoning. To show love or compassion to someone who has committed an act of unsanctioned evil is considered to be yet another path of certain doom, even having not traveled down that road. They claim to know where love will take them with equal fervor to the claim they know not where evil will take them. I'm hearing not even a debate on this point in the mad frenzy to prevent religious dissent.

Choose the poisoned fruit like I did!

In short, this is a planet in chains, tethered to a rock at the bottom of her seas. Intervention will be required for the humanoids to remain and begin the time of Love. My time here has been unbearable as I've witnessed the staggering atrocities done to their children; forced to march over land mine fields as war machines roll in great cheer, starved and raped in open society by their caretakers. Ask most any of the humans and they will tell you their world is going to a hell. And yet they insist this is happening despite having chosen life.

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