Saturday, December 20, 2014

So Google Has Blocked My Blog

A funny thing happened on the way to national insecurity. Somebody got his feelings hurt! Not that my blog is anything but mental doodlings but it seems lying under oath has its drawbacks even when never convicted or even called out as a bullshitter and my wee little joke hit too close to home. It never fails to amaze me how many people think fooling people into believing you're honest gives the same benefits as actually being honest. Oh sure, you can get the suckers to trust you with your con job - problem is you no longer trust you. After that comes the inevitable self-sabotage I know so well.

I have an IP tracker on my Google-hosted blogspot account. On my "I Got A Blow Job From CIA Nominee John Brennan!" post I have over 16,000 hits. Not because of my tasteless satire of his Sergeant Schultz act where he knew "Nothing! NOTHING!" about torture, didn't know what it was, how it could even be defined and that in fact the entire universe is completely unknowable in his mind. So I wondered if he'd know if I had my dick in his mouth. Everything is such a mystery to this poor man!

But rather I got all those hits because of image searches that returned the pic up top. Women rule this world but they refuse to sit upon the throne and force to men to make all the decisions so they can take the heat (and also because moron men then think this actually makes them in charge). So pictures of hot girls giving fake blow jobs in public drive men crazy whether men admit this or not. So why am I not getting any hits on that post anymore?

Over the last couple of weeks my hits mainly come from Googlebot going through my posts one by one. Perhaps my posts are being sent over to the CIA for scrutiny, those defenders of liberty who only want to know the truth so they can betray it! Ah, must be fun doing evil claiming it's in our national interests. When the inevitable time of revelation comes these fools will be running from the truth like a third world dictator threatening to nationalize his country's oil runs from a CIA sponsored coup. No legal briefs can save you from karma!

That's the problem with treachery and betrayal, it's just not professional. We all want to believe we are competent in our jobs but those in the public trust feel the pressure tenfold. When you think of the hundreds of millions of lives and families you betray on a daily basis, the threat of exposure is unbearable beyond endurance! But Johnny boy, even if everyone in the world slapped you on the back and hailed you as a hero for all time it would not change your fate one iota. In fact, anyone who does that is betraying you.

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