Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You've Never Seen Me Fall Apart

Woe betide the kingly hand
Who claims his deeds God's will!
For in taking Hope's name in vain
He laughs to swallow poison pill.

Heavy rocks borne weigh denser yet,
"Why must o' my burdens I should tire?"
Fools declare law a stone's load be light,
"God grants me not time for His desire."

And what of the time of unvalued jewels
As brotherhood's made Man's true king?
When peace becomes the e'er season
What then dead hearts hope to sing?

How well deceit aids dark pursuit!
A liar's skill weaves high ascension;
Stone people's hearts hug willful silence
But in Life's yearnings torn by tension.

The cock does crow at morning light,
Man's battlefield laid bare;
Deadly deeds and corporate greed
Lay unblessed in pure morning air.

"I bade this day may never come!"
Moan anguished souls of deadly scholar;
"Ever before greed's army has won!"
Brave soldiers choke in fear's tight collar.

Gentle love does drape my hand
As truth survives to understand,
No matter the will Love's dream be banned
The laws of Life are not written by Man.

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