Saturday, April 21, 2012

Don't Drone On Me, Motherfuckers!

In drones we trust!

Dear God, we're down to Murdoch's Wall Street Journal to inform us of the truth? This just in:

Drone Use Takes Off on the Home Front

Well, isn't that special! Not that anyone since the beginning of time could have foretold that to ever happen! How could a pure and truth-loving soul ever divine tactics used overseas would come to be used on us? Our government just can't be driven to seeking more and more power!

Funny how often we convince ourselves blindness equals innocence when the actuality is just the opposite. America's Nazi-esque fetish for declaring peoples as "non-human", as undeserving of human rights and as weaker subjects from whom we can take as we please can only lead to one thing: self-annihilation.

But feel free to play it dumb (which allows it to happen!)

Who is left to protect freedom and democracy? The right naturally want an all powerful and controlling government and the left is in the stranglehold of Obama worship ("Jesus wants to be Obama when he grows up!"). This leaves only the tiny slice of remaining liberals to speak up and stand up just as it has been all through history.

The drones naturally will slide in under the cover of "safety and security". Problem is, only through freedom can safety and security be found, not through a totalitarian state. Unwisely, we have given corporations free reign to do as they please, destroying lives without regard, sucking equity and leaving the human corpse to die.

And as our corporate-government ogilarchy plans to continue to do wrong it will want as many measures of control as possible in place to protect themselves from potential backlash. You will see passionate confirmations from the President on down on how these drones will be used only for serving the needs of securing welfare. That statement will have the ring of truth to it because what will not mentioned is whose welfare will be secured!

You're a sucker if you believe it's you!

I know, I know. The phrase "Don't Drone On Me, Motherfuckers!" is a very hard one for most people to speak even if done without conviction. Go ahead, give it a try, see if you can say it! Scary, isn't it? But it feels good to proclaim human life has worth.

Our track record, however, is one of suicidal silence. From wars to economic meltdowns the vast majority of Americans have been good Germans. It's hard to pity people like that - for they do know what they do. Until we're willing to face our own acts of terrorism and admit them as such our death march will not stop. Funny thing is, perverts that we are, we think it's our salvation that dooms us!

This all plays out like a really boring script.

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