Saturday, February 04, 2012

Yes, Bill Maher, Atheism Is A Religion!

"That Harry is a funny guy!"

Maybe Bill came across one of my posts or comments where I pointed out atheism is an annoying religion like any other. Bear in mind we're talking about philosophical religion, not practical religion like capitalism (which I'll get into later). Bill likes to act like he's an agnostic (no opinion one way or the other) but he preaches like an old-time atheist, squeezing it in wherever he can even though he claims he "doesn't really like to talk about religion."

Please, someone free Bill Maher! He's forced to talk religion! He has no free will!

To back his claim of being non-religious first thing Bill had to do was lie about the definition of religion, saying it's a belief IN God, which is not true. It's a belief ABOUT God, regardless if you think any God exists or not. If you have an opinion, you are religious, if you don't then you are agnostic. It's a Boolean situation.

See, it shapes up like this: One group of religious assholes tells me I have to believe in God. Another group of religious assholes tells me I have to not believe in God. All I got to say to you religious people is: don't tread your religion on me! Who are these do-gooders wanting to evangelize and "fix" everyone else? And hardly anyone evangelizes more than Bill Maher. Give it a rest already, dude.

The problem with most atheists is that they are very gullible people. Some guy comes up to them and says, "I'm a man of God!" Next thing you know the supposed Man of God is molesting an eight year old. Then the moron atheist says, "See! All that God stuff is bullshit!" Uh, hey Einstein (who did believe in God) that's only a valid argument if you believed the guy in the first place. Gullible much?

No one gets outraged when a plumber molests a child saying, "I no longer believe in plumbers!" Atheists reply, "Well of course not! He never claimed to have anything to do with God!" But again, the plumber has no more or less to do with God than anyone else. Why would anyone believe otherwise? Because they believe in religion, that's why. That's why they always hold up the vast and horrific malfeasance of current and past church conduct as "proof" there is no God.

Here's a clue for the logic impaired: if there is a God of love, burning people as witches would not be a godly act. Therefore, those people could not possibly represent said God. It's just incredible the number of people who fall for that.

A man who didn't believe in wasting time

But don't get me wrong. God talk is just jacking off, much adieu about nothing. Practiced religion is the real killer. The definition of that is your belief system of whatever it is you believe will save you. As Bill himself once rightly pointed out, "Money is the true religion of Republicans." That's what their actions demonstrate despite whatever lip service they may give to give to God, Alan Greenspan or (laughably) social justice.

Listen to people talk. They will tell you in time what will "save" them. Money, war, capitalism, politics, this ism, that ism - pick your savior. I remember talking to this chick on a phone one time who worshiped at the altar of credit scores. I could have strangled her ass. Whatever you trust to get you through this world shows where you place your true faith.

I will finish with one more thing. Bill has also openly said - and I do believe this - that he believes in love. I wouldn't listen to him otherwise. And I believe that's one reason he fears the Bible so much. The Bible doesn't say God is religion or to believe in religion, it says God is love. So if you believe in love you therefore believe in God. Got ya, Bill!

Everyone (who hasn't been around the block) says love will never work but they damn sure do want it!

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