Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Apocalypse Now, And Then (Photo Journey Mind Trip)

Wasteland Sky
We wander here day after day

I don't remember the Before Times, when things was all green. Wasn't even born. Like all the babies now I didn't get a name till I was five, showing I could live that long. My name is Whisper In The Wind. Getting that was my real birth. Before that I was just "Blonde Girl 12".

Trees Sky
Even these few trees got us excited

Wasteland View
We had to hack our way through

Tree Despair
We felt something different about these trees...

Tree Lost
...like they were warning us

Tree Reach
But one still reached for the sky

We hear wild tales of the Before Times. But us young ones aren't so sure about them. Some say they had so much food they even threw it away. Imagine! No person could ever do such a thing. But no denying they also put so much poison in the air, land and water it killed off the planet. I wouldn't of thought anyone could ever do that either. But we live it every day.

Wood Wreckage
It's like the land was angry here

Trees Thick
Another day getting late as we wander the wastelands

We reached a thicket we thought was a dead end.
Some took it as a sign to go back.
Others said it was a test for going forward.

In the Before Times the world was ruled by witches and demons. The witches cast spells on their minds making them believe crazy stuff like if you throw away your food that means you have enough to never run out. And if anyone didn't believe like they was supposed to, the demons come to torture you and take your food away. What scary times those must have been.

Dirt Path
We went through the thicket, to pass the test.
A road! We found a road!

Dirt Path 3
Our hearts were beating. What ruins might we find?

Path SUn
The path turned green, even the sun got shinier.
Anything green makes us happy.
The thicket was a test after all.

All we do is wander, no place to go. In the cities they hide in the old structures. But if you sleep they take the shoes off your feet. So we stick to the country to find a place that's not been found. I was made leader of our group but I have no way to guide. I whisper here in my journal but who will ever read it?

Birds of Prey
Them birds was watching us but we
was glad just to see animal life.

Then the trees cleared away and we saw this.
We all stopped, looking to each other.
Look at the stumps. Is the water poison?

Dead Pool
Sure looked dead up close

Used to be even the seasons was different. The Old Ones messed with the forces of Nature and wrecked even the weather! We wait for rain that never comes and the soil is all drained to where food won't grow anymore. I'm really thinking they never knew how good they had it. When their magic liquids ran out that made the whole world move in hours and not days, they just starved to death before any food could get to them anyway.

Dead Shore
We went around the edges hoping to find more

Lake Shore Close
The rocks got bigger, then we started seeing trees - green trees!

Lake View Crop
So much water! Have we found a Staying Place??

We came across a big water pond. I'm sitting under a table shelter looking out. Feel like I'm sitting in the past, ghosts all around me. But it's quiet here. I wonder how many of us humans are left. My group is together but lonely. Sometimes someone hums a song passed down from the Old Days and I wonder why they died, it's so beautiful. I'm crying now.

Table View
I don't ever want to leave this spot

The Old Ones came here to play. Did they ever think
people like us would use them for shelter?

Reflection 3
I have a bad feeling. Don't know why.

A new way is coming out, none of the old ways can stay. Can we survive long enough to see its end? Nature puts the world back in order. Voices of mistrust hide from it and die off. But us, we're learning to trust our nature and know the reality of love. I feel if I didn't have to worry about food I could explode with all the life building in me. Others are feeling the same. We are ready to live as one!

Beach Tree
The trees melted into sand. I remembered hearing stories...

Beach Sun
...something about dimensions overlapping

Beach Shoreline
I was being pulled forward, to an answer in the wind

Beach Shoreline Tilt
I felt like we were sliding, slipping into distortion

The world was used up, tore apart and shattered like glass. The spells had them thinking they was civilized people, makers of life, not death. But all they left us was tears. Too late they find out the lie of the witches' spells. Like always when times got bad people went to the witches for answers. One day they couldn't keep their masks on anymore and people found out everything was gone forever. The witches and demons just laughed at people falling for their tricks.

Impression Sunset
Around the corner I find the water's source

Inlet River Dark
Dark waters...

Reflection Inlet
I look back to see if the sun is still there.
How did the waters up ahead get so dark??

Inlet Walkway
I keep going, driven, pushed along.
Things look different back here.
Is this one of those dimension portals?

Inlet River Distorted
The view is so distorted...

The spells are fading, our eyes opening wide. We walk out of the fog at last. I wish we hadn't had to go through all the hells we have. Love was waiting on us all along. War has left my heart, I surrender to peace, let that take me where it will. Our dreams of life wash us clean. In the meantime, we will wander and forage, living as one, adding others as we go along. It's all I've ever known.

Inlet Red
At last, the sun! But the colors are wrong...

Inlet Tree Sunset Color
I look back in horror. I did pass through a portal! What kind of world have I entered?

Inlet Deadwood
The sun fades and the colors change

Inlet Skeleton
In ancient Mordor do I walk

Inlet Debris
How can anything survive in a place so barren?

Inlet Stump Sun
I try to run back to the sun but the
world tilts, throwing me backward.

Inlet Sun Invert
Then the sun went black. I screamed, but it
was as a whisper in the wind.

I'm trapped in the anti-world, a land mine left by the Old Ones.
How long must we pay for their debts? Is life still possible?


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