Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The "New Normal" Ain't So Normal!

A message from one of the "greatest generation":

[The Nazis were at the height of their power, the furnaces burning night and day in godless savagery. Never in history had the phrase "Hell on earth" more aptly described such a hopeless, hideous horror than time in the death camps. No soul who passed through left unmarked after hearing the silent screams filling the night air in deafening shrills.]

"They do this right out in the open, in the middle of the vast gravel pits where thousands labored in slavery. They shoot, they kill, they massacre, they destroy. They marched us fresh prisoners directly by a group of Jewish schoolgirls they had standing at attention as if it were some sort of school function. I don't think the girls realized what was about to happen nor could even imagine such pointless evil in the world. It's as much about the holy state betraying their trust as anything else. In an instant of gunfire it was over.

"I couldn't stop the feeling of helpless outrage. But that's what they wanted. I ran through my options but my only choice was to join the dead. I considered lunging for a guard's gun to get myself shot and out of this hell but I feared a fate worse than death if I failed. What gall! I thought. The Germans want everyone to see the new world order and desensitize us to the massacre of the Jews, that if any man had a heart left it would bleed to death.

"What sort of horror under the sun is this? Does not even God weep? One girl was left alive. I came to realize she was the betrayer, the pied piper who drew them in. The distant sniper shot meant for her missed and came close to a male prisoner. Boiling over, grasping at anything, I pointed out the missed shot to the little German runt leading us, convincing myself the stray shot was meant for the worker. He halted the column in anger. It wasn't much, but in this small action I found some satisfaction; something, anything to prove they weren't so mighty and invincible."

"The runt that guided us on those first steps into the inferno took an instant dislike to me - and I to him. I wanted to throttle the bastard, his life secrets obvious to me. Recognizing me as an instinctive threat, he too raged in his heart to see me dead. But because I had recognized him like no one else he bonded with me in forced relief of his own killing torment.

"In an oblique way as possible, I intimated the doom to come, that their German ways had a shelf life due to expire. The dedicated dwarf had mulled over this question before - as I had hoped. But he was living in a dreamland, where death can be chosen but Life received. Never had I seen anyone so proud as when he gave this answer to me:

""The truth? The truth is merely a toy for philosophers and children. Muse on it all you want, it means nothing. Torture yourself as you please. But it is we who control the truth, who deem what color the sky. If tomorrow we declare the sky green then everyone shall agree and labor as if that were true. Do you understand now? Your 'objective' truth has no meaning. It's our truth that counts.""

"And that's how these strange characters such as the mealy midget came to power. The longer the charade the more bizarre the creatures who come to light. In normal times these men scurry and hide in shame, not daring to show the face of their decay. But in the day of the pervert they glory in their rot and commitment to ruin. These were men needing help and healing, walking wounded warped into freak shows as the "new normal". But their future was gone."


It's been decades since I've felt that feeling, and now that shock and awe has returned in dark echoes of piercing despair. That same sick, sinking feeling as the world turns upside down, where liars and perverts rule the day.

I heard the phrase again - "the new normal" - and that triggered these experiences I had long hoped buried forever. A female newscaster was blathering on about our world as it is as the new normal: out of work, out of homes, out of luck. Endless war profiteering, predatory commodity profiteering, and slave trading of the masses. The ship is sinking, no one is fixing the hole and the dead souls who rule the day say everything but the hole is causing our problems. Good to see Jew baiting still works.

But tomorrow is eaten up by today's perfidy. At some point no tomorrows will be left and both the guilty and the innocent will be trapped in a global concentration camp. Many in power know this is happening and what is to come of continuing our ways. But they have found their lies go unchallenged, that they may poach like vampires blood money from those without voice - just like in the camps all those years ago; beasts walking proud as Nazi terrorists back in the day.

It's all part of the "new normal".

Corporate killers live in luxury unearned, chewing on the carcasses of their victims like camp guards robbing the dead. Their only concern is to keep the free ride going. They justify the killing passionately and authoritatively, eschewing all reason, claiming their victims are the ones looking for a free ride and if they had been allowed to live it would mean the destruction of us all. It is, of course, of themselves of which they so knowingly speak. They deceive openly and publicly without fear each and every day.

It's all part of the "new normal".

It's the same look I saw in the camp: eyes drained of hope as they were forced to live out the inner lives of the Nazi losers. Today no soldier can free us from this hell of hells. I did not fight for this to happen! We won the war but lost the peace, giving away freedom on a fool's hope. Entire families tossed into the street, assassinated in broad daylight all over again. The desensitization campaign is working, quelling outrage with fear and dissent. We step over the dying and the homeless just as Germans stepped over the dead Jews. And still the greedy way is praised in the face of massive and growing suffering.

It's all part of the "new normal".

There are some who consider it magmanimous and open-minded to speak well of evil. There are those who are two-faced, chastising the evildoers in word but are complicit in deed. But the longer a truth goes unfaced, the more absurd life becomes. By your absurdity they shall know ye. Is it life that we serve? What if it's true that this death we mandate is in no way necessary? Once we believed just as strongly we must burn witches to stay alive. One day, the madness of serving illusion, enslaving the poor, destroying dreams and casting lives into pits without pity will be seen as just as mad.

"In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free -- honorable alike in what we give, and what we preserve. We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best, hope of earth."
Abraham Lincoln

Right and wrong do not come in half measures. Fixing only part of the hole in a ship is the same as doing nothing at all. There is nothing normal about what is going on. In this world war, who are the freedom fighters? It is the meek, who seek to become neither master nor slave. It is the noble, who let no lie pass from their lips though they be cast out. It is the faithful, who create bonds of love in a world hellbent on shredding them. No one "needs" to be denied a living. No one "needs" to be removed from their home and family. And no one "needs" to call this normal.

What this truly is, is INSANE!

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