Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Sounds Of Japan, FW Gardens (Video)

In early December of last year I took an early morning stroll through the Fort Worth Japanese gardens, videotaping my entire tour of the facility. (Click here to view part 1). The Autumn colors seemed to have a particular serenity at a time when the gardens were so undisturbed by either man or nature. In the first part, I overlayed the journey with a Japanese flute ballad. In this part, I have the actual sounds of Japan.

Santa visited me in July this year, bringing me the "Natural Sounds Of Japan", described as thus:

Film and television sound designer Andrew Roth presents an exciting journey through the islands, seasons, and soundscapes of Japan. Travel from the tropical nights of Amami Oshima in the far south to the lonely, snow filled landscapes of Hokkaido in the remote north. Experience the ghostly sounds of a mysterious bamboo forest, immerse yourself in the stunning amphitheater of a crater lake, and dive beneath crackling sea ice.

Yes, Andrew Roth takes his sound equipment into the wilds of the Japans, retrieving audio artifacts for a true taste of magical Nippon. Inspired by my gift, I wondered what would happen if I coupled those sounds with my garden tour. Below is the answer to that question.

(This picks up exactly where part one ends, leaving a zoom on the waterfall)

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