Sunday, February 08, 2009

You want sustainability? You can't HANDLE sustainability!

Things will be better after we crucify him!

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
-Jesus Christ

That Jesus guy, what a moron! Didn't he know that any good socio-economic systems must appeal to human greed in order to be successful? Didn't he have any second thoughts up on that cross, thinking "Hey, it really is dog-eat-dog around here!"? Didn't this unpragmatic dreamer ever realize his words have no real world application?

But do you want to bet your life Jesus was a liar?

Doesn't matter, you already have.

On some level, everyone recognizes that fact and most have joined the AHAF (Assholes Have A Future) theocracy. These evangelical maniacs are everywhere! Their propaganda goes something like this: "We only need to do [simple solution] and all will be fine!" "If we ain't dead now, we ain't ever gonna be!" "I may be an asshole but I'm not really!"

Let's examine that last one. This is from the same people who brought you global warming:

Several hundred thousand child soldiers

World's richest country invades weaker country for oil

Families evicted for failing to please our money god

American Idol (you godless bastards!)

That ain't fog, folks.

I hear God blamed for the state of our planet. They say He either doesn't exist or doesn't care. If that is so, then who do we have left to blame for our condition?


Through my bloodied eyes
I've seen both your life and death;
Don't lie to me now.

Science is the new religion. It is to us what church religion was 1,000 years ago: the vehicle by which all things will be saved (isn't it lovely to think so?). Religion allows us to ignore our sins, pretend we have a future even if we don't and keeps our eye off the ball: to truly save ourselves. There is no scientific (or political or monetary or whatever) solution to our problems, only a moral one. Immorality ruins all in the end.

Some people - poor ignorant bastards that they are - tell me I'm naive and haven't been around the block. That's OK, I understand the need to comfort oneself, to make up myopic utopias (I do it every day while shitting on the toilet). But I am more than willing for history to be my judge. And when that day comes - when the abuse has gone on too long and it's too late for anything - they will not be saying, "Why didn't they listen to Harry Homeless?" But they will be saying, "Why didn't they listen to their conscience?"

Listen, and understand. The truth really is good news:

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