Sunday, November 16, 2008

More News of the World

"Only don't tell me that you're innocent.
"Because it insults my intelligence
"and it makes me very angry."

- Michael Corleone to Carlo, who
afterwards confesses his guilt.

Just for the record, I could say that phrase like fifty times a day. I'd love to take a baseball bat and just knock the fuck out of you bullshitting bastards. Later - when dispossessed of your lies - you'd thank me.

Love: it makes you think!

Hey Sarah Palin, as funny as you are when you speak - so funny that SNL skits use your actual lines - the GOP has a far, far better use for your mouth in mind :)))
(But then again, since you've pulled the plug on reality, why care?)

Yes, I thought of her today - and everything that goes along with it. The dream still echoes within.

It's interesting that conservatives see themselves as inferior (they have a point if you consider liars inferior) and needing of special consideration of their feelings. Their shrieking and howling at any perceived slight causes us to treat them as a petulant child and give them what they want in exchange for silence. Mommy and Daddy just can't stand it when junior calls them bad parents. That's the problem with Democrats: they want to be *called* good parents but not *be* good parents. So what we end up with is a country ruled by the shrill rhetoric of children.

Let us see if we truly have an adult in charge...

The assassination of Ghandi hurt.
The assassination of John Kennedy hurt.
The assassination of Martin Luther King hurt.
The assassination of Robert Kennedy hurt.
The assassination of John Lennon hurt.

Thomas Friedman said when the light goes out in America the light goes out in all the world. But the light was finally killed in December 1980.

The purpose of the 21st century is to pay the bills of the 20th century.

There's a story of a ship that hits an iceberg. It was a beautiful ship, more beautiful than any ship before or since. The passengers are crushed at the thought of losing their pride and joy. But what hurt them the most was their haste that plowed them into the fateful berg. Many did not want to believe they were capable of such a careless and stupid act. So when the sinking ship hit an air bubble and righted itself they took heart and chastised those who "gave up" on hope for their pride and continued to disembark to the life boats. Those who stayed on board orgied on their disdain of reality until finally the air bubble burst and they sank to the bottom of the sea.

Good riddance.

In related news, in Keith Moon's final days he was "desperate to get clean" from a lifetime of drug and alcohol addiction. But the legendary drummer of the Who didn't do this to actually pursue life - he was just sick and tired of being sick and tired. So what on the surface appeared to be a turn in the right direction ended merely as a death of a different sort.

In more related news, our President-elect says he will ban torture (to the heartbreak of sadists everywhere).

The good news: After his ban maybe we as a country will like the way it feels to rise above the mentality of a testosterone-filled teenage boy.

The bad news: If McCain had been elected we as a nation wouldn't have given a damn if the torture ban was lifted.

There's nothing more radical than being convictionless.

He asked me about politics and I said: "If it ain't love, man, it ain't real."

Pharaoh always said you were lazy...(Exodus 5:17)

I've been told that unless we as a species are blackmailed by the money concept, we are too lazy too accomplish anything and no work will get done. (It may seem strange we would accept such a torment but those who live well are bribed to keep things as they are and those who have nothing have no say.) What's really hilarious is we think it makes us civilized! Yup, I look at the world around me and I see a real civilized place. But one thing has me confused: Citigroup is laying off 75,000 and another corporation is laying off tens of thousands and overall we are disallowing millions from working. And do you know why? It's because of money, they say! Hey now, didn't you just say it was money that was supposed to make things work??

Fucking morons. It never pays to side with Pharaoh.

Then this man comes up to me with a knife in his stomach (a feeling I can relate to!) and he starts complaining to me about how all his joints ache and it's hard to eat and he's running a constant fever. And I'm like, "Dude, think maybe it has something to do with that knife in your belly!" But then he gets his dander up and tells me what a righteous and holy knife it is and it'd be presumptive and irresponsible to remove it. He said the real problem was he needed a new doctor to make him feel better. Good plan that.

On the other hand, I wonder what's undermining us as a country? Oh, yeah...

It's the war, stupid.

In the tradition of a Japanese death poem and Citizen Kane (good ol' Charlie Kane!), I've decided my final words shall be: Cranberry sauce.

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