Thursday, October 02, 2008

Marionettes of Malaise

"I see you're still alive."

"If you call this being alive."

"The assassins haven't got you anyway."

"No, but they wounded me. Not sure if I'll recover."

"Why not go to that clinic you've gone to before?"

"What, and tell them how I got shot by personal assassins? Might as well just write 'Loser' on my forehead for them to find out someone hates me this much."

"That won't stop them from helping you."

"No, but it stops me from going there."

"So what have you been doing to stay alive?"

"Burning bridges."

"You told me once that's exactly what got you into this mess, that you cut yourself off from anyone who could help you."

"I know - but I figure if I keep on doing it that means I'm right."


I've been watching this whole bailout thing with some fascination. Talk about a contrived mess. Of course, no one mentions the million pound (and growing) elephant in the room: that money does not exist. Instead, we run around breathlessly about how helpless we are without it. Lions and tigers and bear markets - oh my! "Needing money" is a sheer canard.

Using money as a measuring stick for worth is perfectly fine. Withholding food, shelter and medical care because of it makes us what we are: backward, retarded savages. And have you ever seen a backward, retarded savage with a future? "First time for everything," I hear you say. "Going down the toilet," I say.

Each day 20,000 times the sum total of energy needed on this planet is radiated to us from the sun. So why don't we harness it? Because - we say - money won't let us! It's just "not practical" to survive. Dumb ol' me just doesn't understand how the whole world will fall apart without our money god. Hey, look around you, have I got news for you...

Greed is not good (just felt like I had to say that). There's a very linear line from the rejected ideals of the 60's to the Me Decade of the 70's to the Greed is Good 80's into the institutionalization of greed in the 90's to the rampant open larceny and profiteering of these the Ought's. So it's no wonder when confronted with this "crisis" the only option we find palatable is a greed based one. Keep trying it enough times and maybe it will work, eh? Keep false hope alive!

Unheard are the discarded voices declaring this massive thievery won't work. I saw an article comparing the bailout vote to the treacherous vote for invading Iraq. How true that is. And at some point in the future we'll feign shock it didn't work out as [allegedly] planned, we'll repeat the same "If we only we had listened to so-and-so..." phrases and then find ourselves in the same type of lose-lose situation we are in Iraq. Pride goeth before what again??

Sacrificing yourself on the altar of something is the traditional human way of declaring something holy. Truth is, it just makes you dead.

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Mama Lou said...

Fear is more powerful than greed...