Saturday, October 11, 2008

Follow the Love

I know what Deep Throat said to Woodward: "Follow the money." And that's certainly a good barometer to untangling the greed in human hearts. But it doesn't untangle the Why. Why do we get into these messes in the first place? Well, as any good con man can tell you, the greatest human desire is to feel good about oneself. So I ask you, punk, do you? Do you feel good about yourself?

Con men predators are only interested in those who say "Yes". In fact, the more resounding the "Yes" the better. Those who stay silent are those who truly feel good about themselves, having no need to answer. Those who say "No" are too self-aware of their weaknesses and thus are dangerous to con (but not impossible, certainly). But the Yes People are ripe for the picking, having proven a state of denial. And it is in the denial of human hearts where the con man vampire lives. But my, my - what a shitty home!

Pity the Yes People. These grieving souls have lost their own lives and must feed off the lives off others. Over and over and over again this little drama of fending off death gets played out on a daily basis. Always, always when you look to move forward in your life, a Yes Person's voice will be present begging you not to. In a mockery of true life, you may choose to build a pseudo-bond with that voice and heed its words. But we all know the resentment that brings and the inevitable desire to sever the ties that bind. And until those ties are severed, we suffer.

Hard to feel good about yourself when your choices suffer your soul. That's when you hear the religion of man. Each loser brings his own religion, his own rationale on why he's the good guy. The more infected he becomes with these lies, the sicker the soul. This makes a person mighty touchy when you disregard the religion of his feel-good lies! We all know the desire to kill when an unwanted truth surfaces. Imagine no religion. Imagine everyone telling the truth.

But all this shit has to manifest itself some way until we decide to own up. There's a documentary coming out called I.O.U.S.A. and it asserts we as a nation owe 56 trillion dollars. It lays out solutions to fix this so we can avoid a catastrophic and epic disaster. But those "solutions" are nonsense to create a false hope for our false ways. This debt will never be repaid. We want to destroy our economic system so we can finally be free of it. We must move forward to the time without money. We do this because we want to live.

Secretly, the entire time I wrote my book I did it with one thing in mind: getting Debby back. I don't give a rat's ass about society and its bullshit, I just wanted her. And there's a line in the book where I confess that as the Debby character says, "This may be a satire to you but to me it's a love story." Love is the driving force behind every life, as water is to a man parched in the desert. So if you really want to know what's going on, follow the love. It's where the survivors will be.

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