Friday, October 10, 2008

A Death Poem

Debby (in all sincerity): "You deserve love!"
Tim (in all sincerity): "Really? That's great! Because it's you I love!"
Debby: "Oh wait. You don't deserve love after all."

For what was real
Can no longer be;
And what was hoped
Washed out to sea.

The choices of life
And the choices of death;
Are determined by
The taking of breath.

I told the world
(and maybe myself),
There's a future for me
Inside of my hell.

But nature sees not
Man's foolish lies,
The man who's not breathing -
He always dies.

"Dear Debby,
There's a thousand things I want to tell you but what's the point? You already know them. I loved you before I met you - I always knew you were out there. Meeting you changed my life and the course of my life. And let it be known it was for the better. But I missed you to death. You can choose whether or not to believe that - but choose well."


P.S. War is over (if you want it)

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