Sunday, September 07, 2008

You talking to me, boy?

"He was like, "Who the fuck are you to tell me anything? Huh, fuckwad? What makes you so goddam smart you can tell me what to do in my life? Just what exactly is it that makes you so f'ing qualified? I'm sick of you goddam people and your goddam insecurity sticking your stupid ass noses into my business when you can't even run your own damn life! Who the fuck are you people? Just do the world a favor and go off and fucking die! You are a plague upon this planet!""

"Wow, he said all that!?"

"Yup, guess he had it all bottled up inside him. It's like this guy I heard say: Nobody talks about what they really want to talk about. They just let all this stuff happening eat at them then Boom! they explode."

"So what happened with the piano and everything?"

"Fell right on him and killed his ass. Guess he didn't like me telling him to move."

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