Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tom Bombadil ate Fruit Loops for Fun


I thought I'd make the world a better place - for him and me and all of us. But mostly for me. His words were acid and his deeds bent. What was I supposed to do? Love him? So I shot him down to watch someone else bleed like I do.

Cop came wiping donut crumbs from his mouth to ask my why. So I told him: "Bill Maher made me to do it. Now we have one less right-wing nut in the world."

The cop burped and stared at me hard. Then he shook his head while grabbing the last donut out of the bag resting on the front seat of his patrol car. "Damn. If only Bill Maher didn't exist this would have never happened."


So what are your plans for living?

"Living? Are you crazy? Are you blind? Look at this world around you. You think these people are interested in living? These are people with no understanding of life and no idea what it takes to survive. Plans for living? Thought's never even crossed my mind."

Wow, that's a pretty harsh attitude for an eight-year-old.


Why? Why?? Why did that homeless guy shoot another man down? Experts explain:

"It was his politics, man. He didn't like that dude's geopolitical policies and destructive right-wing aggressiveness. So he had to take him out."

"No, no. It was the mounting socio-economic pressures that finally caused him to implode and then to act out in frustration. To tell you the truth, this should be happening all the time."

"Oh, nothing so complicated as all that. It's a simple Cain and Abel story. The man he shot was well-to-do and privileged in society. It's only natural he'd want to see him fall."

For hours they argued until a janitor walked in and he even he was queried. "Why he did it? He did it because he was loved."



"People who are loved don't act like that."

The janitor shrugged. "Then he did it because he's a loser."

Then all three shot the janitor. (When asked later, the shooters had no answer as to why.)


Poetry of the dead
Nails rust into your head.
Pickles of despair
Are the fruit of what we bear.

He said he was a Mozart!
Because he had a good fart!
But I say he's Beethoven
With innards interwoven.

Then he tossed an angry duck
Into a crowd of fuck;
But his shit did miss the fan
So his words they sorely ban.


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