Monday, September 29, 2008

Shivering Alone in the Bunker

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the diarrhea I left in front of the art gallery two weeks ago...

I heard Ed Wallace say this on his Saturday radio show:

"What I said was that this country is too big, too diverse and too powerful to be brought down by a few thousand nuts living in caves.

Additionally, I said that the public after 9/11 was in deep fear, but in the end America could not be destroyed by this group.

I also said that the more knowledge people have of the situation, the less they would fear any possible outcome."
(Per an email he sent me)

Ed, however, showed a distinct lack of understanding of terrorist' tactics. Their game is buying souls, not invading countries. And in that, they have succeeded wildly beyond any fiction writer's dream. Here's a recap:

1. We are now engaged in our own corrosive act of terrorism in a foreign country. We have become as they are. The war is endless and will drain us of all our resources. And what it has done to destabilize us morally is beyond measure. Many, many more chickens are coming home to roost from this travesty of evil.

2. A wholesale and maniacal campaign to eliminate civil liberties, suppress dissent and concentrate supreme power into the hands of one person (so that one person can "save" us!). Freedom does not represent safety to most people. Sending our children to die pointlessly in the name of freedom does.

3. Anytime you can get an entire country to walk through the airport in their socks and bare feet you know you have terrorists somewhere just laughing their asses off.

4. For every day we spend in Iraq, it's a victory for the terrorists. For every soldier that dies, it's a victory for the terrorists. For every day we continue to turn our back on democratic principles, it's a victory for the terrorists. Support the war and you support our enemies. Stupid fucking morons.

Ed said we should have no fear. Ah, but we should have fear - of ourselves. Sometimes, Ed, fear is a good thing. It makes you consider the stupidity of the road you're on.


I buy cow. Cow cost big money! I need make all money I can off cow. You no understand. No money, no live! Me gonna live if you like or not! Don't tell me what do 'cause I don't listen to you. You not me! You no take care of me! You no take care of family! So what you baby die from cow milk. No one make you drink it. My baby OK - that what counts!

Eventually every society will fall under the weight of this mentality - especially this one.


Jesus changed his mind. When the soldiers came to crucify him he called out to Heaven and an army of angels came to wipe the soldiers clean. "Why should I die," me mused, "when I have done no wrong?"

The bulk of the reaction, however, was vitriolic. "Why should he get off the hook when none of us has? You think my child deserved to die when they slaughtered all the babies at the time of his birth? They were looking for him! Who wouldn't be nice if they knew they were spared the cruel injustices of this hellish planet? He should suffer like we do!"


I want to be a legal whore like Debby when I come back. Debby, of course, decided her way in this world was by spreading her legs for the banking community. So I do admit to enjoying a very delicious irony in the current banking woes of her Wachovia and the destruction of her banking god. Oh, how it must suck to sell your soul and then end up with nothing in return!

But do you realize the beauty of a quid pro quo marriage contract to make your whoring not only acceptable but lauded? Those who whore openly you can openly spit on because you are married in holiness! What a great little secret world you get to live in. You and all your co-conspirators next to you in the church pew, praising yourselves by praising God. But your allegiance is to the world that has deemed you holy for conforming to its mores and hailing its lies - the loser as winner.


I think it's just because we're hardwired that way, man. We can't help it - God made us this way! Blame nature for the way we are!

(Philosophy is about escaping responsibility. Love is about embracing it.)


The assassins grazed me and I'm hurting...God, please help me...I'm lost...and more scared than I've ever been before...

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Mama Lou said...

I love #3. I bet the bird does too. I bet his weddings were white because he was married in an airport with his shoes off.