Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Roll Over Stalin And Tell Pussy Putin The News!

As I've said before, Putin is a pussy - a goddam, rat bastard, whiny-ass wuss who runs down the street toting an Uzi and wearing his mother's underwear, crying out for people to love him or he'll shoot. Even as a mere Russian in a former life, I'm embarrassed. But now Dork Vader has reached a new low even for him.

Like a twisted, guilty parent the Russian state is
attempting to ban Southpark. Even cartoons threaten them! What a humiliating statement. Guess they were tired of the Chinese getting all the demeaning press stories.

So my little Russkie friends, you say you love a revolution? Well I propose an overthrow of the current rotting and degraded "government" to be replaced by a new Cartman regime. Cartman for Prime Minister! You will respect his authority!

P.S. Don't worry Mr. Pussy Putin, there will still be a place for you. You're Kenny.

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Mama Lou said...

Oh come on--you mean the bird didn't have anything to say on this one?!?