Sunday, September 07, 2008

I've come not to bury Caesar but to name a salad after him

It took a good 400 fucking years for the Roman empire to completely fall apart. It was a period of great politics - or rather, of the greatly political. People know when doom is coming but the art is in the denial. During such a time, self-deception is considered the one vital key to survival. But of course, it's actually the one vital key that ensures destruction.

"Rome is mighty! Rome is great!" Thus declared the self-proclaimed defenders of Rome. Maniacal in their knowledge of a short-lived prosperity, any contrary opinions were viciously shouted down. Keeping denial alive, they believed, was keeping the empire alive (in their own heads anyway). At least, that's what they said until the empire was no more. In reality, Rome's "defenders" were Rome's destroyers. Clinging to the sinking ship of corruption until the bitter end, they purged themselves out of existence. That's some plan!

We too are in a time of the greatly political. Can you imagine the debates in ancient Rome on discussing the absolutely imperative need of having the "right" Caesar sit upon the throne? "We need someone who will right this ship!" Sound familiar here in 2008? But did it really matter who they picked? Only to the short-sighted or the self-deceived. The true problem was a populace that wanted a Ceasar - and did not want responsibility.

We are in a freefall from reality. "Why honor the truth?" is the mantra of the times (both then and now). We see no penalty for not doing so and no reward if we do. In fact, it's considered kind of sissy - naive even - and impractical and the devotion of losers. Say anything. Believe anything. That's what winners do! And yet deep inside we still know what matters because everyone is still vying for the mantle of He Who Speaks the Truth.

In the time of decline, people on the whole want to be lied to. Good luck wit dat. I hate your fucking society (ye who know all) and I hope you (continue to) tear it to pieces. And I laugh at your red-faced political debates meaning nothing to no one. I laugh at so-called pundits marveling at the cleverness of the liars while at the same time exalting "the people" as the salt of the earth. But don't let me spoil your fun. Because just like the ancient Romans, you too will purge yourself from the face of the earth. Morons.

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