Friday, July 25, 2008

A Snake Charming

A Modern Man
Since ancient times,
Sowing slumber
Through Ancient Rhymes.

He built an Image
For all to see,
He built an Image
Of you and me!

Chastising all his lovers -
We love a lovely fake;
Matters not who you are
If you're a Charming Snake!

The Varnished Truth
Is much more pleasant,
Better falsely Kingly
Than Purity's peasant.

Binding fact
With Fancy Fiction,
Pay high heed
To his perfect diction!

He spells of Saints
Who never sin,
And lusty virgins
Who die with a grin.

This confusing world
So full of fright!
His soothing yarns
Twist Black to White.

"Days of Love
"Are never coming!
"Time to start
"Your feet a-running!"

"Believe me when I tell you:
"Each man is your brother,
"Believe me when I fell you:
"The fault lies with the other."

"Upon my face
"Blow Winds of Change,
"Deep inside
"I'm feeling strange."

Listeners to the Snake
Shudder in silent woes;
Faithful to the end,
Fear's cold heart never knows.

Werewolves and vampires
Forsaking times of healing;
Killers gaping aghast -
Now Awakened with feeling.

Please oh please, thy Charming Snake!
The rainbow's end you vainly strive;
Please oh please, take us away,
Keep us from seeking our very life!

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