Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Small Minds See A Small World

As the director of a mental ward it is sometimes awkward dealing with our disturbed patients. Yes, it's true I'm highly trained and knowledgeable but the human equation invariably creates situations for which no one can prepare. My guess is this happens because there are those so far outside the realm of the norm there is simply no way to account for such deviant perspectives. I have one such fellow here now and when he presented me with an original painting of his I felt forced to accept it due to this man existing in a psychiatric black hole.

His presence sets everyone who's near on edge. One cannot but help but think of the mutilation incident which triggered his arrival but there's also a continuous nervous energy to the creature grating others into self-consciousness. He tells us he makes us feel the same way he feels around others. If so, I truly pity his world! And the god-awful painting I am currently burdened with gives off the exact same sensation as his being. It is a true piece of silliness, the product of a dysfunctional mind unable to relate to anything outside of its own, small world.

What was truly galling to myself and the staff was his brother sending money under the guise this madman had actually sold one of these pathetic pieces of pretense! This tortured soul explained his work by saying he creates mirrors by which the viewer can see himself. Hogwash! As it is, my wife and I are tormented daily in our abode by this mocking abomination that covers the crack in our living room wall. I have half a mind to call his brother and tell him to come sell this. Then again, his brother is a tad off kilter as well. Those Van Gogh brothers are a quite a pair!


Mama Lou said...

"Here is a riddle to solve if you can...who is the monster and who is the man?"

Dangit, never thought I'd quote a Disney movie...

Harry Homeless said...

By their fruits ye shall know them!