Thursday, July 10, 2008

Small Minds See A Small World, Part 2

"Hey, dude, I'm here to give it ya straight. I got nothin' against nobody and all I got to say is just the truth of what I saw. I can't help it some people don't like that 'cause I ain't lyin' for nobody! So let me tell ya what happened and you'll see for yourself that I found out this so-called smart guy legend is a total fraud!

"Yeah, man, this guy is supposed to be like some super-genius brainiac dude but I gotta tell ya, he's really dumber than a rock! I see this old guy wandering around, totally freaking lost. He's got no idea where he is just like one of them old-zheimer’s patients. I'm thinking 'Wow, this guy's got nothing upstairs.' I asked how he got here and he says he don't remember! I'm like, Dude! How can you not know how you got here?? He makes up this totally gnarly excuse he was like in deep thought or something. Whatever. Deep thought, huh? Dude, try some thought about where you're going! Genius, my ass! He was just feeding me a line of shit he made up just so he could feel good about himself. What a loser.

"I asked around later and some of my peeps tell me this guy never really thought up any of the shit he's supposed to be famous for. What he did was like take other people's work and start saying it was his own. Now that makes sense to me. And I know it's tough to take and everything but we gotta face the truth so we don't walk around all delusional and shit. That Einstein guy is lucky all he did was theory stuff because I betcha if anyone really tested it people would find out he is completely full of shit.

"Sorry to have to tell ya'll this but I'm the Bringer Of Truth!"

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