Monday, July 14, 2008

Inquiring (Alien) Minds Want To Know

Radar shows large, fast, unexplained object
By ANGELA K. BROWN Associated Press Writer

FORT WORTH, Texas -- An enormous aircraft without transponders traveling up to 2,100 mph - at one time zooming toward President [Moron]'s Crawford ranch - is similar to the mysterious object dozens reported seeing, according to radar documents examined by a group that studies unidentified flying objects.

"This shows ample evidence of UFO activity," said Kenneth Cherry, Texas director of the Mutual UFO Network, which has been studying phenomenon earlier this year in Stephenville and Dublin, about 75 miles southwest of Fort Worth. "They were turning at angles not possible by military aircraft."


There was a lot of talk a while back about UFOs seen around Stephenville, which I think is a couple of hours from here. What wasn't reported was the visit I got. Being homeless, there wasn't much I could say. Heck, people already think I'm crazy! But I am emboldened by this new hard evidence to shove down the throats of hard-headed critics of UFOs. So I will pass along now for your own edification the five questions asked of me:

1. Why do you put poison into your air, land and water?

2. What is money and why is it considered of value?

3. Why do you not feed everyone?

4. Why do you have wars when you can live in cooperation?

5. Why is Love not the answer?

Be sure to share with me your own enlightening responses before reading my insightful reply in the button below.

P.S. Technically, there were six questions but I didn't count, "Who's on first?"

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