Wednesday, July 23, 2008

God loves us!

Oftentimes when I see the ills of the world addressed I see a statement like this:

"Remember, God loves us and is watching over us."

Whenever I see that phrase or one like it, I just want to vomit. What a vile and evil thing to say. What a despicable dismissal of mankind's woes. Only one reason exists for relaying such a remark: a complete and utter abrogation of one's personal responsibility.

Dude, I'm a master of worming out of personal responsibility. It's my hobby so I know it when I see it. But don't break the third commandment to boot.

First, let's break down this thought process. God's love has no meaning unless we let it into the world. Sure don't see a lot of that happening! So the question is not whether God loves us but the reverse. But by stating "God loves us" we imply it has relevance because the love is mutual. If only propaganda saved the soul.

Also, by stating we are being watched by God it implies God's intervening to make things good. Did God, for example, rush to save the Katrina survivors? Or was the reality mothers' babies died in their arms? Maybe they weren't praying hard enough or weren't good Christians or whatever garbage you want to make up. See, motherfuckers, it's up to us to make things right. But it's a lot easier to see a guy in a ditch and say, "It's OK, God is watching us!" than to actually help.

So whenever I see someone come up to me and say Jesus or God loves me I know they are saying that because they have no intention of doing it themselves.

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Mama Lou said...

You're on a roll, Harry. Two good ones. You may motivate me to blog on the same subject.

We are God's hands. It IS up to us, and if we don't show love, it's not going to happen.