Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The End of the Day

"Do you think I came to bring peace on the earth?
No, I tell you, but division."

Jesus Christ, Luke 12:51

[In the despair of the night I held a vision of God's dreams twisted into men's nightmares - and I was eaten alive...EATEN ALIVE]

The Beast sat upon his throne, laughing at the stupid humans. He'd brought them to his ruin and yet still they blindly embraced their demise. Murderers and rapists ruling the day, hungry hounds seething on strained leash. The human heartbeat drowning in the rage of the times as insanity was proclaimed sane. Such days of darkness had never been known by humankind. The criminal became incorporated and the corporate became God. Victims were declared the new criminals. The starving, the mistreated, the abused, the slandered, the condemned, the falsely accused – to hurt in any way brought contempt and a sneer for your fate. It was a world on the brink of collapse and the wolves sought to devour the few remaining morsels.

One of the many well-paid spokesman for the Beast addressed a lost world:

"Today, we implement the Final Solution! Freedom, at last! No more shall our enemies persecute and destroy us. Their treacherous ways will be silenced forever! How long have we lived with these traitors among us? How long have we put up with their fascist dictates? How long have we suffered their insufferable mandates? Too long, I tell you! The time has come for us to do solely as we please – without question and without shackles.

"The world must be made safe for our love of war. We must eliminate those who refuse the peace war brings! Our wars of love must be sustained at any cost! Ours is the only way. To listen to the voices of poison among us is to eliminate our future. But today we shall stamp out disunity and discord so that we may forever sing the song of peace we all say we so dearly crave!"

Wild cheers and applause greeted the speechmaker. At last, the debate of who was right and who was wrong would be determined forever. The protesting traitors who called for the end of war and a commitment to peace had been gathered into camps for extermination. Slowly the fuse had shortened until even the most liberal minded of the warmongers could no longer stand to hear words of opposition. The blood hung heavy on the war supporters' foreheads to the point of breaking. Something had to be done!

But something funny happened on the way to the execution. The camp dwellers – the guileless meek, the stout-hearted, the honest, the peacemakers, the truth tellers, anyone incapable of waging war – all disappeared into thin air. The wheat was separated from the chaff. The sky blackened in terror as dark as the deepest night. Out of the sky landed huge machines searing through the earth. Electricity ceased to flow and cowering humans huddled in knowing fear as their hearts told them of guilt gone too far.

Out of the machines came creatures with many heads, wormlike, with a slicing round saw spinning in its mouth through razor-like teeth. With an intelligence sanctioned by God the creatures scoured the planet in an uncompromising zeal to sever any remaining human life. For anyone left on the planet at that time no recourse could be found: their fate being the same fate they’d handed out to others. How could it be otherwise?

Many decades before, a voice of evil had triumphantly declared the morning of a new age – the age of blessed corruption. As that day came to a close, the folly of the corrupt was plain to see as their carcasses mounted to the sky. In winning the world they lost their lives.

Where else did you think corruption would lead?

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