Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why We Won't Leave Iraq

Our position in Iraq is a seeming quagmire. On this most people agree. We like to say it's a damned-if-we-do and damned-if-we-don't situation. Pick your poison, so to speak. And while all these statements seem reasonable and moderate, they are in fact complete and total horseshit.

What is acceptable to admit being true has no bearing on anything other than to point to a state of mind. The truth is we committed an egregious and outrageous act of evil with our invasion. Every man, woman and child in this country knows that but we seem to think that by not admitting it we somehow make it less true. On any given day you can hear very grave, brain-dead commentary on the dangers of admitting we're wrong. But you see, these people are merely talking about their own personal lives - the dangers they fear of admitting they are wrong. All roads lead back to love.

The reality is the drama on the outside is merely a playing out of the drama on the inside.

There are Unspoken, Burning Questions on the minds of every American: Do we really need to change? Are there really consequences for evil if we sin in the name of God? Can we just stay the way we are and not go further down the drain? We manifested our doubts by an act of doubtless wrongness. Our invasion expresses the problem of our own capitalist quagmire: in order for us to keep our system going we must feed it ever increasing doses of greed - and that is an inescapable fatal flaw. But we hope otherwise.

We hope we can shout down the truth. We hope we can manipulate the truth. We hope no harm can come to us if we silence the truth. We hope that our Creator doesn't know the truth of life - or the truth of us.

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