Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Poisoned Soul (Let the Music Play)

"We started dancing
"And love put us into a groove
"As soon as we started to move
"The music played"

I try to be a good guy
But I'm not
Who invented this need for love?
There's a rage inside me
A rage that can crucify a savior

"We started dancing
"And love put us into a groove
"But now he's with somebody new
"What does love want me to do?"

My false face shows happiness
My true face shows hell
One is the force of my will
The other a force of nature
There is no triumph for the will

"Let the music play
"He won't get away
"This groove he can't ignore
"He won't leave you anymore"

"First do no harm," I say
But my desire is to destroy
To destroy it all
So I can be free
Free to love.

"He tried pretending
"A dance is just a dance
"But I see
"He's dancing his way back to me"

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