Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cold-Hearted Orb

Thoughts While Lying on a Cot Covered by a State Issued Blanket

My nightly prayer:
Dear god,
"Fuck you, too."

On women scorned:
In the game of life women are dealt a royal flush while men are dealt merely a pair. Many women find it romantic or heroic or even moral to fold the hand God has given them and let the guy win. But after doing this, the guy always leaves in search of another pot to win. For the woman who just sacrificed everything it's the same as being burned alive and her fury has no end. But really, she got what she asked for: to be used. It's not romantic nor heroic and especially not moral to not play out your God-given hand. It's just plain ol' irresponsible.

My life-draining labors:
"See, Harry, I knew you could do it. I bet you surprised yourself!"
"Actually, it makes me want to put a bullet through my head."

Meeting my Maker:
God asked: "Why didn't you believe in Me?"
"You know, I was just gonna ask You that question."

My current haiku:
The dry, withered twig
With no blossoms left to give
Hangs on to the tree

"No one's gonna believe a word he says until he's dead."
"Yup, tain't no other way of provin' you're tellin' the truth."
"An' then it'll all be taboo."

Learning from history:
One man swallowed poison, got sick, and swore never to do it again.
Another man swallowed poison, got sick, but then declared himself immune by his surviving. So he kept on taking it until he died.

My current lyric:
"He tried pretending
"A dance is just a dance -
"But I see
"He's dancing his way back to me!"

Today's truth:
They say resisting (money, power, sex, war, fill-in-the-blank) is useless. I hear it every day all day long from wannabe cynics and sightless prophets but the truth is love always wins in the end. Bet your life on it - because it already is! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

"Cold-hearted orb that rules the night..."

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