Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Closed Eye Sleeps Well

Yes sir, I am a Trusting Soul;
You've come to do me right!
You're not like the evil mole
Stealthing in the night.

You brought me lovely flowers -
So what if they are wilted?
Forgetting me for hours,
At least I was not jilted.

For no future can ever be
If my life is not a dream;
Why should I want to see
If things aren't what they seem.

The comfy pillow in my bed
Tells me safety's all around;
Not a worry in my head
About the hungry hound.

It's good to know that in the end
The world's a godly place;
Love is all we mean to send,
The bad things, I erase.

Have you seen the faithless
With grinding teeth on edge?
Such rabid fears are baseless!
Screaming to me from a ledge.

I care not for troublemakers
Urging me to listen;
Blaspheming to my Maker
And my country they be dissin'!

It's us good guys who are winning!
Don't undercut with questions.
For why would they be sinning
Since we already are the best ones.

Blindly noble do I trust,
My eyes are never open;
Those who say, "To see I must"
I always hear a-mopin'!

Never shall I deride the plans
Of my holy brothers;
Keeping clean my lily hands
Of the dirty deeds of others.

Now comes an angry soldier,
Only angry because he's right!
He grabs me by the shoulder;
In the cattle car it's tight.

To a better place I'm taken,
Just for my well-being;
I cannot be mistaken
As long as I'm not seeing.

I sneer at the sorry fate
Of those seeking to defy;
Filling their hearts with hate
And slandering the lie.

Surrounded by anxious eyes
Who put themselves through hell!
In jealousy they do despise,
But my closed eyes do sleep well.

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