Monday, January 28, 2008

The Warlord’s Prayer

Hell has brought me here. I have come home. Hell is the only place that does not betray me or expose me. Heaven has rules – hell does not. Success is what I savor. So I go where I thrive. In the jungle, it is the animal that rules. I love it when I feel nature crushed underfoot as I pass through spreading terror. Glory in my destruction! I am the beast and I have come to rule!

Deluded souls come to turn hell into heaven. I welcome them. I wish all to share in my domain. Laughing, they say they will defeat me, thinking they have tricked me by my allowing them in. But in the end they do not realize our goals are the same: to not seek heaven itself. The fools, the followers, the failed, the foul, the fearful, the feculent – please, join my futility, my friends! It is my burning desire.

Many try to destroy me. They cannot. For I am them! Who among you does not believe in war? Who among you says your savior has not a sword? Who among you says the world can live without hate? It’s not me they seek to destroy – it's their own sins they wish to hide. You created me, shaped me in the womb of war, beat the human out of me – for "my own good" – and taught me well your ways. I come back now to eat you, my dead eyes feeling no remorse.

The four corners of the earth are my steppingstones. Your palaces are my outhouses. All the finest things sit at my feet. You declare me outlaw but no matter how many morals you claim none of you defies the beast. Socialism, fascism, communism, capitalism, this ism, that ism – they all worship at the altar of money. The beast is my protector and I have risked all for the beast. To defeat me you must first give up the power given to your money! HAHAHAHAHA!

When I must stop to breathe, I find shelter in your hidden perversions. Thank God you are truly no better than me or my time would be short indeed. The world, you see, is a criminal enterprise. Justice is not its goal; it smothers those who seek it - and by God you're not going to goddam smother me! The criminals may change but our endeavors do not. Put on whatever disguise you want: the policeman's badge, the high priest's robes, the soldier's camouflage or the businessman's suit, just please continue to keep up the hypocritical lie. Without it I die.

This prayer inspired by
Viktor Bout, Merchant of Death

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