Monday, January 14, 2008

A Perfect Girl

"You, honey" - he breathed in the utmost passion of conviction – "are perfect! Dear God, are you ever perfect!"

'Perfect', the crack cocaine of words. Too weak to even put up a false denial, she succumbed to its intoxicating power. Say nothing! He might take it back! Surging through her veins, the word rushed through, caressing her aches and soothing her woes of reality. If only she could hide in these throes of ecstasy forever!

“You can say anything,” she lied. “Just don’t call me smart. I is a dumb ol’ girl, I am!”

“Honey, you’re perfect to me!” This proclamation was deeper, even better than before. Walls breaking down, she came begging for more.

“But I is really dumb, sir! You just wouldn’t believe! I know you’re way smarter than I could ever be about stuff, but there’s still this little voice inside of me saying I ain’t perfect at all!”

“Hogwash!” was the swift and firm denial – a perfect denial. Hard and fast and completely sure of itself, confidently doing all her thinking for her. She surrendered to its total penetration of her being. “You know what that voice is?” he boomed. “It’s the voice of the Enemy. The Enemy wants to break you down, make you feel like you’re nothin’. That way he can make you do whatever he wants. Don’t listen to the Enemy – listen to me!”

She arched her back in compliance. “I will! I will!”

“Lies like that Voice are snakes! Once you let them inside ya, it’s impossible to get them out. Stay strong with the truth, never forsake your integrity! Do you believe what I'm telling you?”

“Oh, I do, I do! Every inch of it!”

“Good, that’s perfect! Trust me, honey, just so long as you keep doing what you’re doing, no one’s ever going to say a bad word about you!”

And with that, he pulled his dick out.

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