Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bill Maher, Religious Fanatic

Religion, as I've stated by before, is a belief system made up by people to make them feel good about themselves. Then once that belief system is established, it is then ascribed to be in accordance with the truth. So it's pretty easy to see how fights and wars and arguments and other good stuff break out when one religion clashes with another. "I can't be wrong, man. That would mean my whole life is shit!" Well, guess what, dude. Your whole life is shit.

Turns out even the cheapest motel has HBO now. And I saw Bill Maher’s show where he was red-faced and livid over the Bible. Gee, Bill, what did the Bible ever do to you? His answer would probably be along the lines of how he hates the friction religion has caused, the wars fought over it and how it’s used as tool for oppression. But Bill, I asked about the Bible. What he would say after that, who cares. Point is, a true religious fanatic equates religion with God. As clearly Bill Maher does.

Bill represses his religious beliefs. This gives rise to his twisted thinking that if he can somehow disprove a religion that professes there's a God, then his religion that there is no God will be shown to be The Way. Funny logic, that! It’s just one more attempt of trying to establish a self-serving "truth". Just because religion has nothing to do with God doesn’t mean there is no God.

God is like a car loan for a really kick ass car. We drive the car, run around in it, get laid in it – a total blast. God has trusted with this fine thing in the hopes we'll pay Him back. And when we don't pay back the trust shown us, we feel unbearably guilty and start making crap up – like God doesn’t exist (so then nothing is owed!). Or we make up rules saying that to follow them pays back God. No wonder we're all so touchy considering the lies we feed ourselves.

Bill Maher's funniest line of the night was unintentional. Speaking of the Ten Commandments he said they were written for "a primitive people in a primitive world." See if a night under the I-45 bridge doesn’t change your view a bit there, Bill-man. That's the problem with evolutionists, they always think they're the best there ever was. Being backwards in a different way makes you no less backward. Unfortunately for Bill, he actually tried to back up his arguments.

"You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name." Moron Bill misinterprets that to mean you’re not supposed swear. But he couldn't be more goddamn wrong. What it does mean is you don't commit evil acts in the name of God like, say, invading a foreign country for its resources because God told you to. On this I think Bill would be in complete agreement. You Bible-lover, Bill!

"You shall have no other gods before me." Again, in an effort to protect his own religion, Bill twists this meaning to suit his own ends. He tries to say this means don't build statues or whatnot to pray to. But I hate to break it ya, Bill, this world has more gods than you can count that people pray to. I'll never forget that cunt on the phone who willingly brought destruction on my life because I couldn't please her credit rating god. It's all about setting up a god – any god – that you can worship and believe will bring you life. It’s the whole basis for money – serve it and live, refuse and die. It's a metaphor for the real God.

Just as we laugh at ancient peoples praying to little statuettes to save them, so would the first inhabitants laugh at us for poisoning our air and water, killing and raping one another and destroying our future over little pieces of paper we value more than human life. With half the world needlessly starving, mankind is as brutally savage as it ever was. I guess if I were in denial about that I would attack the Bible too. The ugly soul always attacks the mirror. But Bill is also one that fights for fairness and justice and equity and wants an end to violence. You can hear the frustration in his voice when he speaks of such things. If only he didn't let his religion get in the way!

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