Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sith Lords Among Us

The cool thing about being a Sith Lord is you can rule over the people and the Imperial Congress and yet no one can see you as you truly are! People know evil is coming from somewhere, they just can't seem to put their finger on it. Listen to even those who rail against our President's policies, rarely do they connect the evil to him. It's always "bad advisors", the intelligence agencies, his sidekick Darth Cheney pushing him into it or the ever handy absolution: it's OK because he "truly believes this stuff." Bakana!

As Robert Tucker writes of the original Sith Lord of Darkness:

"Thus Stalin contrived to train his sights on the party leadership even while presenting himself as a force for moderation in the party purge, to identify himself with the simple people against the bigwigs, and to imply that the enemies were many even as he cited statistics on how few Trotskyists there really were, or had been, in the party. Just as he unloaded his responsibility for the miscarriage of collectivization on the grassroots collectivizers, so he unloaded his responsibility for much of the party purging of recent years on the "certain comrades" who had carried out his directives for the 1935-36 checkup and exchange - and now were being charged with abetting the Trotskyists wreckers by what they had done.

As they left the Kremlin after Stalin gave the concluding speech on 5 March, the plenum’s last day, some of the many doomed Central Committee members may have reflected that they had witnessed a performance by one of history’s grand masters of political guile, whose capacity for evil knew no bound."

The authorities were searching for enemies of the people. But such was Stalin's skill at tapping the inner lie, those arrested convinced themselves "they must be keeping this from comrade Stalin". A hidden, root evil had infested itself into the Soviet government and Soviet society and it had to be purged. In essence, they were searching for Stalin: a witch hunt being directed by a witch. Can you imagine the personal paranoia of such a mind??

Just as Stalin was able to disassociate himself from the purges he was driving, the same mind bending process is going on here. And through this process, all crimes are confessed. In a speech today, our Sith Lord was projecting himself when he said Iran needed to "come clean" regarding their desire for nuclear weapons. But the darkness goes far deeper than that. The "World War III" talk, the mushroom cloud reference in the State of the Union, etc. - the madman with the nukes is him! Those are his desires! Our President speaks so knowingly of the evil present because it's his own.

So as you listen to him continually accuse others of his crimes ("teenager with a credit card")- just as Stalin did a thousand times over - replace the word "they" in his speeches with the word "I" and the Sith Lord will be unmasked. As a twisted child, this Devotee of Darkness found great pleasure in blowing up frogs with firecrackers. Mark my words, sooner or later this enemy of the people will do a press conference with a "The world is my frog" T-shirt on. The truth ALWAYS wills out.

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