Sunday, November 04, 2007

When the devil came to town

There once was two towns: one filled with goodness and the other filled with good intentions. And into each of these towns the devil sent an evil man. But after announcing his refusal to repent and yet also his refusal to leave, each city passed a death sentence for the evil man to keep their fair burgs godly. To which the evil men responded with a sly speech given to them by the devil:

"Kill me and you become me! Murderous butchers, all! Are you really so sure of yourself? Can't you live for me just a little? Have you tried living with me? I have been sent here to test you! Guard jealously your goodness! For what are you without that but as salt without its saltiness?"
The town of goodness found no merit in the evil man's words and killed him ruthlessly. The town of good intentions however had a change of heart. "We must do good and not be a killer like this man. Live and let live, we say! Let us speak well of him and bring out what is best in him - and in this way show ourselves good. Goodness shall always triumph in the end. In this, who can doubt our intentions?" That night, the evil man poisoned the town's well and destroyed the village.

"The opposite of good is good intentions" - Asian proverb.

The trick, you see, is to get you to lie to yourself. Once that's done, you're toast. Telling yourself you're doing it for a good reason, well, that only makes the evil man laugh.

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